Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Sweetest Gate I Have Ever Seen

I have a confession to make....

I have this very unusual obsession with old cemeteries.
The older the better.
I love the oldest dates.
I love the sweet old fashioned names
and I have been known to cry at some of the sad stories which are told on the headstones.

So many years ago now I found this very old section of cemetery in a beautiful country town that I love to visit in NSW, Australia called Morpeth.

and this is where I found the gate

It is soooo sweet !
and I had quite a few strange looks one day from passers by who spotted me taking photo's of the gate.

But I can't help it if I love the gate !

There is something so enchanting about it.

I could just see it in an enchanted garden somewhere deep in the heart of the English countryside.
but it is lying at the front door of a sweet resting place for many souls long passed.
Bless their souls.

I am sure that they wouldn't mind me showing you all their gate.

I am sure they would have been laughing at me from the heavens the day I played in their gate.

such fun !

I wonder if my hubby will build me one ?

So there is my little secret obsession !
I am sure there must be more people out there just like me !

Tomorrow on French Blue and Peachy Pink

I bring you

where I share with you all photo's of my latest and greatest creations from my floristry course.

I will look forward to chatting with you all again then.



  1. Melanie,

    You are so danged cute. Never change - you are so perfect - quirks and all - just the way you are!

    I hope your hubby builds you a gate just like that! To get the circular metal just call your local metalworks, most cities have one. You can even have them rusty it up for you I think!

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Michele, I very near had him go insane building me the gate that we do have !
      I think he would sit in the corner and start rocking if I put an order in for another one ! lol
      It is a confusing little gate though. You have to shuffle to the side a little and shut the gate from an angle before you can go through. I think it was made for fairies x

  2. Hello beautiful Melanie, I love that gate too! The design is so unique and charming! I think old cemeteries are interesting. Oh you have such a sweet soul and say the sweetest things! I adore you and enjoy all that you share. I look forward to your flower post tomorrow. How wonderful you took a floristry course dearest! Have a beautiful day sweet friend! Much love, Paula xo

    1. Hello Paula, Yes I have been studying floristry all year and just adore it.
      I would love to to take a peak this evening at my latest.
      Love Melanie x

  3. OH, I love old cemetery's too. I am always so taken by the thought that these plots of land represent people that used to live, breathe, have families. They were loved, fought with their siblings, gave birth to children and oh so much more! Come by for a visit and LIKE my new facebook page.

    1. Oh I knew there would be another girl out there just like me Georgie ! lol
      I feel exactly the same way !
      I would love to come and have a look at your new facebook page, see you there soon x

  4. Just fabulous!! I frolic in many a cemetery..youre not alone! I did a family history research trip 2011 to Gundagai & surrounds.. One day we even sat just outside a 'gate' & had our lunch!! Visits to the 'past' is a tradition my Mum allowed me grow up with. I love it tee hee