Monday, 14 May 2012

A Wonderful Piece Of History......Tocal Homestead

Have you ever visited a place so beautiful that it leaves you wide eyed and gasping for breathe ?

This is exactly how I felt on my visit to Tocal Homestead.

You all know by now how I feel about history and living in the past. If I could turn back the clock and live in any time or year then this would be one of those times.
A time of living simply, a time in history that was by no means easy but definitely one of hard work and appreciation.
A time where ladies sipped tea on a Sunday afternoon in the front parlour room with flowing Lacy gowns and silk gloves on.

I had been wanting to visit Tocal Homestead for a very long time. I had heard so many things about it. It is reaped in history and I had heard that it was also haunted (however I didn't find out about it's ghost while I was there).
This old stately home was built as a weekender in 1841.
(How I wish I had a weekender just like it !)

From the minute I set foot on the property all that could be heard coming from my mouth was 'Oooooooo' and 'Wow' !
My lovely Mother in law came with me too and although she isn't really all that into history and antiques, even she had a glorious time.

We shared freshly made scones from the original kitchen fuel stove, served by the staff who volunteer their time to dress up in period costume and be part of the experience.


I took almost 800 photo's (I told you I was excited !)

I have decided to share a room at a time because there are just soo many wonderful things to show you all.
Today I will begin with a tour of the grounds.
Honestly the beauty and essence of this homestead just cannot be shared. There is a quaint but elegant richness of this magical place. Each room has been lovingly left as it would have been in 1841 when the homestead was built.
If only I could bottle the feelings of peace that this property oozes then I would share it with you all.
As I walked through the big, wide front doors I felt as though I were stepping back in time.
I was half expecting the lady of the house to come gliding down the staircase in silk gown with her lace petticoats flouncing at the bottom coming to greet me.

My mother in law left me to my devices and as my finger clicked the shutter button of my camera I couldn't have cared less about the scones, jam and cream that she was tucking into in the next room.
My imagination had run wild and I wanted to photograph every inch of this place....WOW !

There were sooo many pieces of furniture that were literally to-die-for !  A DIVINE white iron coat stand perfectly rusted and chippy was my favourite piece without a doubt ( I will share this with you all later in the week).

For those friends of mine who happen to live in this region or in nearby cities then I can whole heartedly recommend a visit.

So without further ado..........I bring you

This photo was taken at the rear of the home.
The little white add-on room connects the home to the kitchen.
Every room of this beautiful home has views of grass or gardens.
The photo's below are of a section of the side veranda. Right at the back near the door there is a beautiful old child's pull along waggon.

Below right is a snap of the kitchen herb garden. It was not an area that could be closely inspected but I certainly wished I could have. The ambiance was incredible and there is a stone wall and gate that leads through to the front garden area. The garden is in disarray but the charm is well and truly still there.

You should see the pond !!!  But that's another day.....(just a little peep to show you right now)
and this Morton Bay Fig must be nearly 190 years old. It is a grand old girl who would surely have many,many tales to tell.

So please call in each day. I know that you will be as in love with this homestead as I am.
I have sooo many gorgeous rooms, gardens and other goodies to share.

I hope you are all happy and well



  1. Hi Melanie! This is such a beautiful post. I love places like this, and yes, I sometimes wish I could have been born in a much earlier era. I loved reading your profile because it was so much like me. I loved when you said you see yourself wearing 'floaty dresses' : ) I think it would've suited me just fine too.
    I am so glad that you came by and left so sweet note so I could find you.

    1. Hello June and welcome to my blog. It's lovely to hear from you x