Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Dining Room At Tocal Homestead

The dining room at Tocal Homestead is set as if a fine dinner party is about to be served. It is elegantly set with a fine cutlery service and cut crystal glassware.  Candles are placed in silver candlestick holders and the best lacework tablecloth adorns the table.
It was the first room that I walked into when I visited Tocal Homestead. There was so much subtle beauty in the room. Nothing in particular stood out more then the next.  There were no eye popping colours or flashy decadent gold bevelled mirrors. Instead there was warm woodwork, earthy textures and stately elegance.
There was something warm and cosy in the air. It felt like home. It felt as though it had been built to be a haven. Indeed later on in the day I discovered that Tocal had been built as a country weekender by it's original owner. A little piece of loveliness to escape and relax in.

Shiny, hand polished silver sits on a sideboard.
Once upon a time they served tea to ladies sitting in the front parlour room. oo-la-la !
'Anybody for tea ?'

and then I spotted this.......
Yes I know you you have seen it too !
Yes it's a beautiful tapestry firescreen.
I was held back to my corner of the room by a small roped off area. I longed to walk over and take a closer look at this beautiful piece but it was not allowed.  I would love to know more about it.
Click on each photo and it will zoom in for you for a closer look.
It is timeworn and just a teensy bit moth eaten but it is GORGEOUS !

The floor rug was in lovely condition.
In a corner of the room stood a lone very old fashioned wheel chair. I do not know it's history but visions of Pollyanna flashed before me from one of my childhood books. It was parked next to a window overlooking the lake out front, obviously a place of healing to a convalescent.

and this beautiful water pitcher intact with lid would have been mine had she have been for sale in an antique store.
just beautiful !

So there is your first peak inside the Tocal Homestead walls. Did you enjoy your visit ?
Pop back in tomorrow for more ! 
I will share with you all some of the beautiful crafts that I spotted while I was there.
Crafts of by gone days, made with love.

Thankyou for sharing in my journey



  1. how absolutely FABULOUS!!!! what a post my friend! a piece of history that is so incredible! thank you for taking the time to show us all this!!! you are so amazing...love you! hugs...

    1. I love a little bit of history Andrea ! This place is just beautiful. Just wait until I reveal my divine shabby chic find from Tocal. It is gorgeous ! Thanks for visiting xo