Tuesday, 12 June 2012

4 Week Old Roses.....Looking Fresh as a Daisy !

Hello !

After a long weekend away watching muddy boys run around a football field non stop, I sit here with a nice hot cup of tea and some peaceful sanity.

My washing basket is piled to the top with dirty clothes

oh the joys !

I think I shall sit here and happily procrastinate and pretend that I have absolutely nothing at all to do


I will take time to smell the roses.
these beautiful roses shall do just nicely.

Would you like to smell them with me ?

These roses have been kicking on since early May.
They are left overs from my Mum's birthday party.
They are 4 weeks old and still looking fresh and beautiful.
When the outer petals start to brown, I simply remove the affected petals from the rose head.  They were long stemmed roses to begin with. Each time I change the water I simply re cut the stems and pop into fresh water. They are little shorties now but look at how much life they have been encouraged to have.
Happy roses !

Beautiful and happy to be alive in this wonderful world of ours.


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed! they look like they were FRESHLY cut!!!!! you are turning into to a floral magician girl!!!! You are ROCKIN this stuff! sending you and yours tons of hugs and we have to talk soon! love ya!

  2. Hello gorgeous Melanie! I love your posts! Your beautiful photos, sweet words and enthusiasm for life and beauty is a blessing dear friend! The roses are gorgeous! I was so surprised to read they are four weeks old! Thank you so much for sharing your tips for keeping them going for so long. I love the little cups you displayed them in too! Such sweetness! Thank you for reminding me to take time to smell the roses. Thank you for your very sweet comment! I wish I could go to Ambleside Cottage with you too! We would have so much fun! Thank you for thinking of me when you were last there. I look forward to seeing the treasures you found! Love, Paula xo