Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Antiquing Saturday Treasures.....Look At What I Found !

Antiquing Saturday

My sweet friend Miss M accompanied me on my last 'Antiquing Saturday' expedition.
We always have lots of fun sifting through the depths of various antique stores. We generally finish off the afternoon with a pot of tea and a chat.

A couple of weeks ago our antiquing took us to 'Ambleside Cottage'.
I hadn't even walked up the front path of the shop when I spotted my first find.
The old Victorian potty bowl had my eye in one glance. You know when you see something and you gasp because you love it so much ?
Well this was one of those moments.
I knew that after a good old bleaching and washing in soapy water that this old piece of history would be a glorious vase for my floral arrangements.

My second find came 5 minutes later. A squeal of delight had Miss M and the lovely owner of Ambleside giggling.
"I think she's found something," said Miss M.

The shabby but very sweet old picture frame was sitting in a little pink bathroom sink just waiting for me to arrive and take her home.
It's original painted patina was perfectly Peachy Pink. Tiny French Blue flowers adorned the frame.
I have grand plans for this little sweety.

and to make it even more special, Miss M bought them for me for my up and coming birthday.
Thank you Miss M
Just the right shade of FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK
and most of all the company on the day made it all the more fun.
Treasures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Some prefer diamonds,
some prefer pearls.
I prefer anything that makes me smile.
The cost doesn't really matter.

There is an inner beauty in everything. Everything has a purpose and a use. If it catches your eye and you love it, then embrace it and take it home.
See you all tomorrow for



p.s.  I wish to send a very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely friend Lauren who has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl today. I can't wait to meet the new little angel.


  1. Hello my beautiful and sweet friend! What a delight this post is! I am so glad you and Miss M had a fun time at Ambleside Cottage and you found such gorgeous things! How very sweet of Miss M to purchase them for your birthday sweetie! That is wonderful! I hope your birthday will be wonderful too! I love your idea of using the chamber pot for flowers! Can you believe they used such gorgeous containers for "that!" Truly they made everything they used beautiful back then. The frame is perfect for you sweetie. I am so happy for you! I loved your beautiful words too and couldn't agree more! I will see you tomorrow. Much love, Paula... congratulations to your lovely friend and her sweet baby girl! xo

  2. Pretty treasures, Melanie! Just wonderful finds!!

  3. Really nice finds Melanie! It was a successful day! xo