Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Laura Ashley Jewellry Cupboard

Every year I like to buy myself a little something for my birthday.
Just a little something.......

This 'little something' came my way a couple of months ago.
It was on sale and reduced from $120 to $40. 

A bargain and a very useful item !
I found it in my local Laura Ashley store.

It is a very pretty jewellry cupboard.
It is wallpapered on the inside and comes complete with a little draw.
Little hooks are ready to hang up my strings of pearls....Pretty !

I love it !
Straight away I filled it with a few of my favourite things.
My favourite Marshmallow scented perfume
My favourite string of pearls
my tiara ! (every girl needs a tiara)

I love this pretty piece.
It has inspired me to recreate a whole section of my bedroom.
Isn't it funny how one small addition to a room can inspire you to create a whole new look.

I think this pretty little cupboard was a great find.

Happy Birthday to me !!

See you all tomorrow


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