Friday, 1 June 2012

A Very Pretty Little Pond

This is the pond at Tocal Homestead.

2 weeks ago I ran a weeks worth of gorgeous photo's and stories from Tocal Homestead.
Tocal homestead really touched my heart. There was a silent beauty about this little piece of the world.  From the moment I walked onto the property I was in love.
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Eye candy lies everywhere waiting and ready to be admired.

After spending hours there exploring the inside of the manor and the grounds I thought I had seen it all. I was quietly walking the loop around the garden and happened upon this beautiful little pond.
The homestead was built in the 1830's.
I am not sure of the exact age of this sweet little pond but t has all the markings of history.

I wonder how many faces have stood there looking into it's subtle reflection.
I wonder how many wishes were wished by it's side.

My trusty camera had been packed away with exhaustion but on this little discovery out it came again.

All that could be heard in the peaceful silence was the
of my camera.

A photographers delight

A soothing place for ones soul.
if you listen carefully you can hear the trickling water

Next week on



I have lots of
pretties to share.

I won't tell you too much because I would like it to be a surprise.
You will just have to come back and take a look for yourself !

Have a fantastic weekend !
may it bring you a world of happiness.



  1. Oh what a treasure to have stumbled upon - what an awesome trip for you to see this place!

    Love it, it is such a treat to read your blog, Melanie!

  2. Hello beautiful Melanie, What gorgeous photos my friend! I can see why you love this place and it touched your heart! The pond is beautiful! Very peaceful and serene! I loved reading your beautiful thoughts sweet friend! Have a lovely weekend and may it bring you a world of happiness too! Love, Paula xo