Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sweet Violets........Antique Greeting Cards

Welcome !

Today I bring you sweet little violets once again.
This time they are to be found on my pretty antique postcards.

 Violets are such beautiful old fashioned flowers and they seem to have a common place in artwork from days gone by.

They send a sweet message of love and blessings and their happy little faces make even the toughest of critics smile.

even this little Christmas card smiles at you with violets !

There's a lot to love about these sweet little flowers
and I just adore them.
Tomorrow I have something special in store.
It is time for THURSDAY FLOWERS !

 I have created something extra sweet with these tiny little flowers.
It took time and patience.
and I added just a touch of vintage.

Pop in and take a look !
See you all then



  1. I haven't visited you for a little while now. Summer has been super duper busy. Especially, with the children being out of school. I can't wait until the Fall to take a break from the Summer Anyways, these cards are so pretty with the violets. My fav is the "The joys around your birthday centered..." Absolutely love the lettering on this one! Great art work!

  2. They are so beautifulm Melanie!

    Funny, I have never seen a Christmas card like that - it's difficult to wrap my mind around you being on the other side of the world and when we're in winter's snowy slumber you are warm there with flowers.

    I watched a movie last night on Netflix Stream with my young nieces about Opal mining in Australia - and in a scene they were so hot and sitting in front of fans - and had their Christmas feast outdoors with a bbq (barbie, heh) and it was culture shock to them. They even asked about Christmas Snaps/Poppers. I was disappointed they had them but didn't put on their crowns.

    My daughter married a Brit and he always brings them to dinner on Christmas for us, so I learned about them from him.

    Anyway, lovely post, beautiful cards. Hugs.