Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursday Flowers..........'Sweet Violets'

Many years ago.......16 years in fact,
my love affair with violets began.

It began when my first born arrived. You see, she was a terrible sleeper and I would pound the streets regularly with her in her pram for peace and sanity.
I would walk for miles each day, praying that she would stay asleep when I returned never worked ! lol

but what I did discover was my love for gardening.

As I walked, I breathed it all in.
It was a beautiful old suburb with 150 year old trees and gardens.
Old fashioned varieties of English charm were bountiful.
Camellias, roses, box hedge and the ever faithful sweet little violets.

Violets were a common thread in the suburb.
Almost every single home was home to a sweet smelling clump of violets.

The winds of time had blown seeds all over this little part of the world like a precious sneeze from a baby.
One by one, blessed little violets popped up all over the place.
A gentle reminder of Mother Nature's way of sharing.

As the pram rolled along, I would see more sweet violets peaking out from underneath gates, in cracks of cobblestone paths and even out of cracks in the gutter. Mother Earth sends her gifts to us in so many funny little ways doesn't she ?
My darling baby girl would be oblivious to it all, sleeping contently.
Once a week we would visit the most beautiful florist and it too featured the name 'violets' in it's name. When the delightful girls who worked in the shop saw us coming, they would all flock to see my baby and bless her with cuddles as I chose my weekly blooms.
More often then not, I would find myself leaving the store with a tiny posy of precious violets.

Such sweet memories of a lovely time of my life.
I find myself smiling......

Thursday Flowers this week brings you

Sweet Violets

I have been longing to make a little corsage of violets.
Each day, my little pots and patches reveal more and more delicate little violet faces.  I love watching them bloom away and the scent is absolutely beautiful.
I snipped off a small bunch and worked a little magic.
Some pale pink vintage ribbon gave it the old fashioned look that I was after

and voila
  this is the result !

TIP -  Did you know that violets drink through their petals not their stems ? 
A light misting of water with a spray bottle will keep them happy.
I keep mine in the fridge overnight to keep them lasting.
Violets can live for up to a week if cared for correctly.
I wish you could smell these tiny happy little flowers.
They smell so sweet !

I hope that you have enjoyed my sweet violet stories this week.
I have one more to share with you all tomorrow.........

But it's a surprise so you will all have to come back and see for yourselves !

Lots of Love


  1. Oh Melanie!

    What a DELIGHTFUL post! I love your story and learned about violets, and I just think it is all just so special! Thank you for sharing!

  2. How FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!! can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve tomorrow!!!! hugs...

  3. We have some things in common, I love violets and I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era, I love all things victorian. I am your newest follower, I found you on Michele @The Nest at Fench Rest..
    Love your post
    Sylvia @agrandmasblessings