Friday, 3 August 2012

A Message From My Angel

                       I have this very special angel in heaven.......

She was a very big part of my life for as long as I could remember. She was the sister of my Grandmother. She was one of those elderly Aunts who you just loved to visit because she would lavish you with affection and kindness and above all,  LOVE.   
My grandmother herself was from a very large family, she was one of 12 children. She had contact with all of her brothers and sisters and loved them all very much but there was always a much closer relationship with one sister. That sister was my dear old Aunty May......or Mabel as her real name was.  Aunty May hated anybody calling her by her proper name as she wasn't fond of it at all. The only person who could get away with it was my Grandmother and she called her Mabel most of the time. Aunty May as I knew her, called my Grandmother 'Ett'.......short for Ethel.

 Mabel and Ethel were always very close to my heart. Although I didn't see Aunty May as often as my Grandmother, she still became incredibly dear to me.  She was always a constant source of feel good energy. She was always longing to hear about how I spent my time as a youngster. She would sit there for hours listening to me or sharing her endless tales about her own childhood.
I would sit there soaking up every word with admiration. I loved to hear about her and my grandmother going to the Saturday night dances at the dance hall. She would go into description of the pretty gloves and dresses that they used to wear. She would love to buy a new pair of nylons to wear there with her little heels.  She would tell me how she and my Grandmother were admired by the boys for their great legs ! lol   I used to giggle at the fact that my two old girls had once had great legs, when now they were all wrinkly.

Sometimes I think to myself that those hours of story telling shaped me into the story teller that I am today. The power of writing and sharing stories can change lives and influence dreams. I like to think that my two favourite girls influenced mine.

One day a phone call came and a message was passed to my ears that I couldn't really get a grip on. My dear Aunty May had suffered a stroke. She had previously had a mini stroke and had fought to regain most of her movement. She remained at home in her little unit with the rose garden out front. Her little unit was her little nest and she loved it so much. It was home to a constant sea of visitors who would love to visit with her.
Unfortunately after that fateful day of her stroke, she would never get to see her sweet little nest again.

Aunty May fought like a little soldier. She regained consciousness and popped her loving smile back on her face as best as she could with  paralisis down the left hand side of her body.
She seemed to go on living not so much for herself, but for her family.
She was the centre of so many universes and nobody was ready to let her sweet heart leave them. The ties of love were bound so tight that spirit alone kept her here. I am so positive of that.

Aunty May was placed in a nursing home and was completely bed ridden. She would never tend to her garden again or make herself a cup of tea.   It was heartbreaking to see her in an environment that I knew that deep down she wouldn't be truly happy in.
Still, she would greet every single visitor with a smile and a kiss. Nurses became friends as she charmed each each and every one of them.

One day, we were having a heart to heart. I asked her to send me a sign that she was still near me when she finally crossed over to the other side. I wanted to know that she was happy and safe and still close to my heart. 

Well, a few years later I did receive that sign (that's another story).
Today I received another one.  My heart nearly leapt out of my chest when I saw it.
I held back tears with one big gulp of air.........

I was sifting through a stack of antique greeting cards at an antique centre.  I have been feeling a little off of late. Just a little under the weather and gloomy.  I guess my Aunty May must have been watching me from afar because as I turned the next card over............

This is what I found !!!

                                                   Then the next card came............

                    Voices from beyond heavens door. A little message of hope and happiness !

                                                          and then the trump card.....

and I knew that this is what I needed to think about. Those three precious angels called Faith, Hope and Charity came with a message. 

Somewhere over the rainbow..........
Aunty May was sitting there clapping her hands with joy.  She had sent me a message to let me know that she was near and still very dear. It made my day and of course I had a good old cry thinking about her after I left the store.

Our angels are still walking with us each and everyday.  They never move far from us at all.
Whispers in our ears, a soft breeze across the cheek or a sweet smell of perfume coming out of nowhere are gentle reminders that they still live in our hearts.
I hold such joy in my own heart today after my gift from my dear old Aunty May........or dare I say   MABEL !

                              To my darling angel dancing in heaven with her beautiful sister
                                                     I love you as big as the sky......xo

I am so sorry if I have anybody blubbering right now in Blogland.
Here.....would you like a tissue ? We can sit here and blubber away together ! lol

                     HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY THOUGHTS !!!

It has been a constant source of happiness this week on my blog. It is a little refuge, a place of love and a source of inspiration for me. Your thoughts and messages make me smile and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my thoughts and enjoy my photo's.
I am going to have myself a lovely weekend with my beautiful family and I hope that you will all have an enjoyable weekend too.



  1. Anne-Marie (Posy)3 August 2012 at 20:06

    Lovely and heartfelt, hope your weekend brings you joy x

  2. thanks for the tisuse I needed it and the message, I have felt and sensed some of the same. Next time I feel the sense or a touch I'll smile and know it's love coming down from above.

  3. Well, it sounds like you were very blessed, Melanie to have two warm, loving women in your life...many are not so lucky. Sweet story. Enjoy the upcoming week :)

  4. Aw I enjoyed that so much, I love stories like that. I hope to be like your Auntie May and Grandmother when I am blessed with Grandchildren one day :) xxx

  5. My dear Melanie,

    I know that I am glutting you with my comments today but I am making up for all the times I stopped by and was one of those quite I hope you don´t mind! :-) Again...this story made me cry and laugh at the same time. I have never loved any blog as much as yours because it´s not only those lovely photos you take! It is much much more! It is all the emotions that I have going through your posts just by reading your funny, sad, clever and interesting stories and thoughts! I really do admire your talent for writing! And more than that- I love the way you talk about people that are dear and close to your heart. It must be a real pleasure to be around your for real (not just virtually). I am sending you a BIG hug for being such a wonderful person! :-*