Monday, 6 August 2012

Barbie Steps Out In Style !

Barbie goes to Malibu !!

Actually I think she looks more like she is going to Beverly Hills !
She is looking dazzling don't you think ?

My lovely friend Miss M has a collection of Barbie dolls that would have Ken in quite a frazzle !
She has been collecting them for years and years and has cabinets full of them.
There are vintage dolls, regular toy store varieties and silk stones.

They have put my own knotty haired Barbies from the 70's to shame. My poor little ones have all had their lovely locks cut off into what I liked to think were stylish bob cuts.  Sadly though they turned out looking like something out of a horror movie. I think my dolls would give Chucky quite the run for his money ! :-)
I still have them, but they have been shunned to the back of the cupboard. 
I knew from the moment I cut their hair, that I was not put on this earth to be a hair stylist ! lol

My Barbies stepped out in style with home made knits made  by my Grandmother. Sadly for Barbie my Grandmother had quite the fetish for  rainbow coloured wool and her waist was increased to 2 sizes bigger than she needed. Her clothes resembled sacks and often had woolen tie belts. I even remember a purple pair of woolen flares that must have had her legs itching ! Poor Barbie must have had such self esteem issues back in those days, what with the bad haircuts and her 'fashionista' clothes !  Ken would have been running for cover if he saw my Barbies........

Miss M's Barbies are dressed in only the best designs. They have silk scarves, tiny handbags and thick , long blond hair.  I'll however ask you to look to the Barbie pictured underneath to the right who is sporting a perfect bob cut !  (clearly her hair stylist is very well trained..........unlike mine !)
I have fashion envy with some of these dolls. If I looked this good every day as I left the house I would be feeling quite chuffed with myself !
To be honest I'm not sure that Barbie looks entirely happy with that pout on her face. I bet she is longing to lie on the couch with a comfortable pink tracksuit on, a pair of socks and her hair tied back in a ponytail. (Who's got fashion envy now Barbie

I guess at the end of the day I will get to sit on my couch with my feet curled up nice and warm. Barbie on the other hand will still be perched up on those heels and sucking in her tummy so that she can still fit into those tight skirts.
It's tough at the top !
I'll take my tracksuit any day :-)
See you all tomorrow



  1. You made me laugh, Melanie! The sofa and something comfy to wear sounds MUCH better than a pencil skirt and high heels...not to mention the tummy sucking! lol
    If you like lace and glvoes you would have loved the other antique store we visited called Country Roads (there is a link in my newest post) It was loaded with pretty laces, linens and pillows. Have a great week :)

    1. Hi ! I will definately have to take a look at that link to see what they are selling. Thanks for the tip !
      Happy that you enjoyed my post......Long live xo

  2. Ha! How CUTE!!!!

    I still have all 4 of my Barbies from the 1970s. One is named Barbara. One is Connie. One is Jill and one is PJ. (PJ was her name given by the Barbie makers.)

    I never cut their hair but boy did I play with them - so they are dingy and well loved.

    Your post is awesome and your friend's Barbies are magnificent!

    Send cooler weather to us from Down Under, please? It's too hot here to bear it.

    1. Hi Michele, I'm so happy that you are back ! Hope things went well with your surgery xo

  3. He-he...@your inner hair stylist woes. I ♥the pink pencil skirt and jacket Barbie has on. However, I'm with you about the track suit being top fashion any day of the week. After about 4 hrs. of being dolled up, I start longing for my comfort clothes. Not all of us are made to be fashionista's lol. Great post!

  4. This is such a funny post, I laughed through it from the start till the end :-D