Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Inspiration Lace Cupboard

Some people have an inspiration board....
I have an inspiration cupboard !

It is full of beautiful French lace and waiting to be made up into something pretty.
Some of it I will use and some I wouldn't dream of parting with.
I am using some of it in my new line of jewellery because I am such a good sharer.

I keep only the colour palette that I love in there.
As you can see it is full of FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK !
There are sweet vintage millinery flowers from Japan and a few rolls of vintage ribbon which I will occasionally cut off the roll for a special event.
Ribbon can be bought quite cheaply these days but this ribbon is precious. It comes protected by a layer of thin paper between each layer. The care and thought that went into the packaging is lovely. It makes the ribbon seem all that more important and special.
I am always very quick to buy up these rolls of ribbon when I see them. I think they look lovely just as they are, all stacked on top of each other or on display in a big glass jar. That way I can enjoy them forever.
As I see other bits and bobs around my sewing room I add it to my display.
Each time I peer into this cupboard I begin to see a story emerging from it. It gives me inspiration for new craft ideas.
In this case it is inspiring my beautiful jewellery line.

and as the sun shone in my window the lace lit up and warmed my heart........
                                        sigh......I adore lace !

and the best thing about my inspiration cupboard is that I can close the little door to keep out the dust and it stays pristine.

My lace cupboard was a find in a little second hand store many, many years ago now. It has been used in our bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and now my craft room. It has been a very useful item. It was actually my inspiration to paint interior walls of our home in the same colour. I chipped some of the paint off and matched it up at my local paint shop and off I went with my paint brush. Whoever originally painted this little cupboard unleashed a French Blue beast within me and it still runs wild today.
Some pretty floral fabric glued to the back wall of the cupboard gave it some interest. Sometimes I keep my plain white china tea set in it. It's very much a multi purpose item in our home.

I hope you have all enjoyed the eye candy as much as I do!

See you all tomorrow


  1. I love, love, and love your lace cupboard! I love anything lace. When I am shopping thrift stores, yard sales or goodwill's shops I always look for lace and usually can find some.

    1. Hello Sylvia, thanks so much for your lovely words. Isn't it a treat to happen across some beautiful lace. The older the better I say ! x

  2. Melanie,

    Your cupboard is beautiful! Doesn't it just melt your heart a little each time you look at it? That's good Feng Shui!

  3. aaaaw thanks Michele !
    yes it is good Feng Shui and it is also a great motivator for sewing up these beautiful creations of mine. I can't wait to share them with you all x

  4. Hi Melanie! Oh, it's VERY pretty! Do you read An Angel in the Garden's blog? You'd love her!
    I love reading your posts because you are so full of joy!

  5. Oh Melanie, your vintage lace cupboard is gorgeous. The perfect place to keep all your beautiful eye candy.