Friday, 17 August 2012

Marie Antoinette Movie

Once upon a time when visiting the video store I discovered this movie......
Since then I have watched this movie so many times I have lost count

It makes me feel happy when I feel down, inspires me to create more beauty for the world and lends me an excuse to hop under the covers , eat ice cream and dream of these days gone by when women dressed like princesses.

So that is my plan for tonight !

I know that many of you will have already shared in the wonders of this beautiful film but for those who haven't, I highly recommend doing so.
The fashions are completely amazing
the decor dreamy and the landscapes breathtaking.

Of course there is FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK everywhere !
Gloves, lace, silks.............sigh !
I know that you will love it as much as I do.

May your weekend be as wonderful as you are

I will see you all next week.
I am off now to make Nachos for my 'starving' family and then I have a date with Marie



  1. I haven't seen it! I shall put it on my list right away!
    I love the way you describe it!

  2. That is a fantastic movie indeed....I actually wrote a post about it on my blog too...:-)))

    Everyone who loves lace, sweet cakes and pastel colors should definitely watch it :-) I was actually looking for a good movie for tonight and I think I found it- some movies can be seen 10000x!!! ;-D