Thursday, 23 August 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS.....My New Favourite !

In floristry class this week the boxes of flowers arrived and as always we opened the boxes and peered inside to see what blooms we would all work with for the day.

One by one we piled the desks high with flowers. Out of the boxes came Roses, Gerberas and Snapdragons.
As always the choice of colour was all ours.

This week the white roses caught my eye.  They were stunning and perfect and I knew they would look beautiful with my foliage.
I noticed that there were white Gerberas and Snapdragons too so I decided on an all white arrangement.
We were making something new this week and I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something new.

It turns out that this arrangement is my new favourite.
It is modern, fresh and stunningly beautiful !

I hope you enjoy today's segment of THURSDAY FLOWERS !

It was tricky to find something deep and wide enough to place my flower box in but I eventually placed it in this antique potty ! (everything has a use ! lol)

This arrangement is built in a rectangular shape and has a flat back therefore is suitable to sit against a wall on a hall table, desk etc.

Pictured underneath in the middle is an unusual flowering grape like bloom that I found in my Mum's garden. It was from a succulent that I'm not sure the name of. It caught my eye and it's soft pale green shaped bloom worked in perfectly with my design. I love working with textures !

I was very excited to see a big bag of moss in our morning delivery boxes. We had not used moss in our designs before so it was fun to use something new.
At the base of my design I placed moist clumps of Green moss. It reminded me of a little terrarium.
                        Left. Side view                                     Right. Rear view                                             
and layers of beautiful white blooms and linear leaves.
I had a really fun day making lots of different designs.
The poor flowers really get a work out being pulled apart and remade into different designs all day long, but we soon learn which flowers are and aren't tough whilst doing so !

and I really love our final design for the day.
It is truly a wonderful world working with flowers.

I almost forgot to tell you. The kangaroos weren't grazing outside our classroom this week. The sun was a little high and warm for them I think. I was poised with my camera all day long waiting for them. I will try again for you all next week

See you all tomorrow


  1. Pretty! Melanie, I wonder if you have read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh? Oh, you will LOVE it!

    1. Yes I tried to read it but I couldn't get into it ! Maybe I will have to give it a go again xx

  2. Oh I Do so love a white and light green pallette - so fresh and perfectly easy to gaze upon.

    That vessel is gorgeous, too.

    I always love your Thursday posts- so pretty, Melanie!

    1. Thanks Michele, you will notice that I took your advice from last week. I'm so glad you enjoyed it xo

  3. That is a very pretty design. I am a floral designer, (retired). You should HIDE the flower box with the moss. You never want your "mechanics" to show. Just a little hint:):) Love the variety of flwers. This is my first visit to your blog. XO, Pinky

    1. Hello and welcome ! Thanks so much for your comment.You don't know just how much I wanted that bag of moss from my class when I popped this design into the container the next day ! lol
      That container just needed to be an inch deeper and it would have been perfect !
      Thanks for popping in to say hi, I hope you will visit again. I will pop into yours now for a look see xo