Friday, 24 August 2012

Treasures From My Flea Market Travels

Hidden underneath the front counter of a vintage store, something caught my eye.
I had found some pretty lace and was paying for it and chatting to the store owner. I'm not sure how it caught my attention but I am so happy that it did,
This beautiful and well loved print sat forelornly looking at me. It had water damage, no glass and a very weathered and gnarly frame.  It had definately seen better days that's for sure.

I fell instantly in love with it. The scene was so peaceful and elegant and completely charming and I knew that it was meant to be hanging on my wall.
It was priced super, super cheap because of it's condition.
A few dollars later I walked out the store with it, took it home and cleaned it up.
I am still deciding what to do with it. I'm thinking of painting the frame as it is in pretty poor condition. I can live with the water damage as it's only on one small area. I need to put a new hanger on the back as there isn't one there at the moment.
There's something so charming about it though !

(Please excuse the light bouncing off the print in the photo's, the sun was not being very kind to me while taking these photo's)

I do wonder though as to why the young lady is the one to be paddling her man around.......
I wonder if she lost a bet ? lol
But he does seem a little guilty though.  Perhaps the waterlily that he is picking for her will make her smile again ! 
and who doesn't love a swan or two......
delightful creatures and a vision of love.
It hasn't found it's place on a wall yet but I have put it somewhere that I can admire it for a few days.
I love the gold colours against the french blue.

This was the piece of lace that I bought at the same time.
Crinoline ladies always remind me of my Grandmother so I can't resist them. This one would have been crochet'd to go on a tablecloth or hankerchief. She was a one of a kind piece unfortunately. I would have loved more as I have grand plans for her !

                            It has been a busy week here at
                       FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK.

Next week is shaping up to be just as busy too. I will be sewing, sewing and more sewing to have my jewellery range completed.  There is so much still to do.
I will be creating with flowers again and will hopefully begin Spring cleaning.  Long lost linens will be unearthed from my deep dark cupboards, heavy Winter blankets will be washed and stored for yet another year and if I find enough time, I will plant some Spring seedlings in pots around my front door.  I have been thinking of planting white Petunias.

Right now I need to prepare for a birthday party. It is an 80's theme.........oh help !!!  Visions of me spiking my fringe and donning fluro socks spring to mind.  Back in the 80's I was in high school, experimenting with bad hairstyles. I had a perm for years on end and was inspired by Madonna ! (oh please !)  I am now off to search my draws for fingerless gloves, hair scarves and bright purple eye shadow.  It will be a fun night !  I'm looking forward to hearing all of that 80's music again and pretending that I'm 15  ! Wish me luck........

                                                            Have a great weekend !


  1. Hi Melanie! Oh, you DID find some treasures! SO pretty!
    I was pregnant all through the 80's. Maternity attire only for me!
    I don't even remember what people who weren't pregnant wore! Ha ha!

  2. This is the most adorable painting! I have been looking for one like that for ages, you are so lucky! :-) You really made me laugh with your comment on why the young lady is the one to be paddling her man around! :-D Actually I had the same though before reading your comment there! It´s too funny yet lovely and sweet! Did you find a good spot for it yet? :-) xox