Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Hanging Vintage Glove Collection

I am almost certain that a hundred years ago I must have walked along a bustling street scape dressed in flowing long silk and lace dresses and wearing  pretty gloves on my hands !

Oh why oh why can't we dress like this today ?
Dressing like a princess, wearing gorgeous lace gloves and carrying a beautiful silk parasol makes my heart go pitter-pat !
The very thought of wearing beautiful delicate lockets and carrying hand embroidered teensy purses with a freshly laundered handkerchief brings an instant smile on my face,

I remember being in my teenage years, probably about 16 years old.  Short frill skirts had just come into fashion with 3/4 tops. Everyone was wearing them as they were all the rage.
My friends and I organised a trip to Sydney on the train.
We were all so excited to have the new found independence of being let loose in the bustling city all by ourselves and had all saved up money to spend whilst we were down there.

We hit the shops with a vengeance !
First stop was Centre point tower. The fashions in there were affordable and very desirable to us money poor teenagers.
I remember having about $150 hard earned cash to spend on the day.
I wandered from store to store and was being very selective about what I would buy.
All the girls were buying super short mini skirts and up to the minute fashions. I however found myself in a very upmarket designer store with price tags to match.  I had spotted a beautiful floor length blue skirt, almost a denim colour. It was on the sale rack at half the original price. I think it may have been reduced to $80 or so.  I remember just being so drawn to the fact that the skirt was so flowy and long and classic. It swirled when I spun around and I loved the feel of the 'swooshing' on my legs.
I couldn't give a hoot that it was floor length and not a mini. In fact I was almost always more comfortable in anything that was long. 
I handed over the cash and remember bursting with pride at my purchase and I all but skipped out of the store.
Next stop was Laura Ashley.
The cute floral tops and delicate cardigans and silk scarves had me at first glance.
My friends rolled their eyes at me begging to go back into the other teenage style stores again.

From an early age I had this inner need to wear long floaty skirts, wear lacey shirts and frilly socks.
I had that style long before the vintage look came into fashion as it has today.
There is something wonderful about classic fashions that never go out of style.
Long skirts are in trend again now and I make sure that I always buy up at these times before they go out of fashion again.

I only wish that I could add some of my pretty gloves to my fashions today. Alas I think I would get plenty of strange looks if I did !
These days my fetish for gloves shows in my decorating palette. I have got them hanging in our home.
At the moment they are in the entry way. Last week they were in my bedroom.
They are too pretty to be in a dark drawer somewhere. I love to look at them daily where I can admire them. Gloves are so super cheap to buy these days. A plain pair can be be purchased from $5 a pair and the more delicate lacey ones up to $30.  I have never spent more than $10 on a pair and have picked them up at thrift stores and garage sales for as cheap as $1.

If you too have a glove collection or even just a pair or two, consider using them for display.  I have added a few of my antique greeting cards along the same string where I have them hanging up.
They are a pleasure to admire !

and as I sit here in the afternoon sun enjoying a quiet cup of tea, this is what I have the pleasure of looking at.  The sun cats it's warm rays directly on my sweet collection and the colours look so, so pretty.

I will share the lost art of flower pressing, so please stop by and say hello.  Bring a flower or 2 to press and I will make you a cup of tea !
I can't wait to see you again then :-)



  1. Hello Melanie,
    What a beautiful way to display your gorgeous glove and postcard collection! They just look so beautiful strung out together like that!
    I too have always loved the long flowy skirts. I have never enjoyed the more modern styles. Gloves too would be a delight to wear. They do look so smart with an outfit!

  2. I know where you're coming from, I have always loved the Victorian age. Ladies were treated like ladies and women acted like ladies more. I love the lace and long dresses also.

  3. Thank you for showing your glove displays, Melanie! I love the very thin gloves! I also love your story of your school shopping trip! Good for you!

  4. you display is gorgeous my friend but then everything you do is wonderful!!!! what a collection of pretties you have!!!! how are you over on the other side of the world? how are things going...I saw that you mentioned shipping orders -- PLEASE fill me in...drop me a line at thecottagemarket@gmail.com -- I want to hear all about it!!!! glad you liked today's post -- you will be in the crafting and cooking edition!!! : ) sending tons of hugs to you and yours and shabby story is just your cup of tea!!!! : ) i promise! : )

  5. Cute story! I ♥the way you laid out the gloves w/your vintage cards. Too lovely. Now, take a pic & to show that woman who thought your were nutty. She'll take back her thoughts after seeing this display. lol

  6. What a REALLY neat way to display your gloves and wonderful cards!

    Love this idea - be neat to string them up for a tea party, too.

    You have quite a collection, Mel!

  7. I love the victorian days of old.. I also have a beautiful collection of gloves and post cards like yours as well.. I never thougth to display mine like you do,.. I will now for sure.. I admire all that you do...


  8. I love old fashioned gloves too. You made a beautiful display. take care, Darlene