Monday, 10 September 2012

The Treasure At The Trash and Treasure Stall

Hello sweet friends !
What did you all do on the weekend ?
I hope something fun and frivolous and inspiring !

On Saturday we had local elections. I headed down to the local church to place my vote and noticed that the church ladies were running a trash and treasure stall.
Of course I was curious, so I wandered around searching for something interesting.
At first glance there was nothing very exciting.  I sifted through boxes of bric-a-brac and found two pairs of gloves for $1 a pair. One of the elderly ladies was quite surprised at my choice of purchase and asked me what I did with the gloves that I had told her that I collected.  She had quite an odd look on her face when I told her that I had them hanging up through my house. She must have thought I was a crazy woman !
She wrinkled her nose up and said that she used them in the garden ! I shuddered at the thought of all of those pretty vintage gloves pulling out muddy weeds.
After popping the gloves into my bag and about to leave I noticed a red box poking out from underneath an old cushion.  I almost didn't look but something about the box caught my attention.
I lifted the cushion and found a red tray of sewing implements.
It was full to the brim of all types of odds and ends. There were cottons, needles, old thimbles and lots of buttons.
The price tag
I can never resist a bargain, especially one like this. Apart from 2 reels of pretty lilac coloured cotton, I couldn't really tell what was in this tray. It was covered in plastic and I really needed to poke around and start digging to see what else was in there.

When I got home I unpacked it all.
One by one I found pretty little treasures.
vintage needles and crochet hooks still in their packets, a very pretty diamante buckle, vintage buttons and buckles and then there was lots of newer bits and pieces that were all very useful.
At $4 for the whole lot, I was very chuffed !

I added up the cost of all of these items and quickly added up to at least $50.
Bargain !

Best of all I had vintage items to add to my collection.
The diamante buckle being my favourite item !

Isn't the diamante buckle so pretty !

and what about the pretty card of buttons !

When I sew, I try very hard to use cottons, press studs and needles that are vintage. There are so many sewing items out there in the world that end up in antique and thrift stores.
Why bother buying brand new ones with expensive price tags when you can pick up the same items for a couple of dollars ?   I believe in recycling as much as possible, that includes vintage and antique laces and ribbons. They are so much prettier and the quality stands alone.  Buying this way gives an edge to designs as well because it is less likely that you will find anything the same. I love being unique !

Tomorrow on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I will share some other pretty treasures that I found over the weekend !

                                 So I will see you all then !


  1. Smart! I love your treasures, Melanie!
    Why don't you show us a photo of the hanging gloves?

    1. There have been a few posts with my gloves Miss Pom Pom. I will be putting a couple of pics up this week but look under 'gloves' in archives and you'll find them xo

  2. Ooooh...what nice little finds! LOL!@the woman looking thinking you had flipped your wig. Hasn't she ever heard of the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure." ♥the belt buckle the best. Glad to see you had a lovely weekend. :)