Monday, 3 September 2012

The Walled Garden By The Sea

There is a little walled garden that lies in the most beautiful of locations.
It has views of the ocean, fragrant blooms with happy faces and a haven for birds and buzzy bees.
It is a place that I love to visit.
It is a place where dreams are dreamed and thoughts are processed.
It is a little haven in my little corner of the world and one that I hold close to my heart.
Many just pass by in the car, many walk past without stopping.
I however like to stroll around, smelling the flowers and sitting in the sun watching the vast, endless ocean wash away my cares.
Everybody needs a place like this.........a silent retreat.

This is mine

sshhhhh  don't tell anyone or I won't be on my own there anymore ! lol
oops.......too late !
That's ok, I'm a good sharer.
Maybe one day you can go there too.

When I was a little girl I used to dream that fairies lived there.
I would close my eyes and imagine fairy tea parties and red and white spotty toad stools that the fairy folk would stand under when it rained.
Of course the fairies are now all gone......

or maybe they are still there but are hiding from me. Maybe they are waiting for my adult mind to believe in them again. Believe in magic and endless possibilities.
Anything in this world can be achieved........

If we just believe

Close your eyes and imagine yourself here.
You can hear the sea
and the sun is shining down and warming your soul

A burst of colour always makes me smile. These poppy's are simply stunning.
A chorus of buzzing bees could be heard happily zooming around from flower to flower.
A little bit of buzzy magic from mother nature.
and this little guy flew in to say hello.
He turned his back shyly as I pointed my camera at him.
but I know he was bursting to say hi!
So now you know where I like to hide from the world.
My tiny corner of peace and serenity.

A place where fairies meet and ride around on the backs of buzzy bees.
A place of magic.

and because you have all been so good at keeping my little secret, I am going to throw a little tea party tomorrow.
After all
I almost never thought it would come.
The sun is warm and high in the sky.

So bring your tea cups and a plate of something yummy and we shall sit and drink tea, chatter away and dream.



  1. Melanie,how beautiful and peaceful this is. Your words were written so that I "could" see myself there. Your pictures are so clear and pretty. Now just where is this place so I can go there in person someday? (Maybe)I'll go have a tea with you!

    1. Hello Sylvia, this peaceful place is located not far from Sydney, Australia. A pretty sea side town with beautiful beaches, great restaurants and friendly people xo

  2. oh my friend...this post is gooooooooooooooooooooorgeous!!!! i think i will fed ex myself over there with some tomato recipes in hand and we can share some delicious food right here! WOW simply amazing and your pictures...SPOT ON!!!! you enjoy your day -- sending tons of hugs to you and yours : ) love you!

    1. Oh please do Andrea, I will be waiting with a coffee just for you xo

  3. Hi Melanie! Oh, that is a lovely, lovely, lovely garden by the sea! Thank you! I like a dose of the sea in the morning and the Rocky Mountains are far from the sea. We are going to Victoria, BC in Canada in late October so I can have my sea time.
    Thank you for inviting me to a tea party. I shall lift a bone china cup and toast you!
    Bill is leaving for Aukland today and then he'll go on to Sidney.
    He likes your land.
    xoxox PP

    1. Well why aren't you coming over with him ? That would have been fun ! We could have gone shopping and played !
      I will be running lots of seaside stories in the coming months. I couldn't exist without being near the sea. I imagine you would feel the same way about leaving the serenity of the mountains x

  4. Oh Mel!

    What a magical place! We ALL need a place of beauty like that - and a pretty place for taking tea.

    What a spot, wow.

    Well I will grav Syl and we'll fly to the other side of the Earth soon to see it, how does that sound? (Magical and dreamy to be sure!)

    If I ever do go, though, you will be the first who knows!

    I know two families who live in Australia who are always asking about our visiting, could happen one day, who knows?

  5. Another friend who teases me with the idea of visiting. Yes you should definately come to visit. I could have taken you to a teapot festival if you had have come last weekend. x