Thursday, 13 September 2012


I almost didn't post these photo's.
There is nothing French Blue or Peachy about them at all.
The colours drive my eyeballs crazy. They are loud and bright and happy but not to my colour palette even remotely !

I promised that I would share my creations with you all each week when I started this THURSDAY FLOWERS journey and if I stray from my vintage and cottage flower style, well you will understand that it is because of my required learning..

This week in floristry class we all worked as a team for the first time creating flowers for our first ever client. We were decorating for a rainbow themed graduation ball. The flowers had to reflect all shades from the rainbow spectrum and the budget was not massive. Cheap labour (us) and flowers ordered were put to work and under the amazing teachers instructions we put together a spectacular scene. We had to make table centrepieces, presentation bouquets, display bowls and a grand masterpiece.

I was asked to make a large rainbow arrangement. I grabbed my class buddy and we leapt at the opportunity. Our arrangement had strict height and width restrictions so we had to keep a close check on this as we were arranging.
We were very happy with our end product and were given a happy thumbs up from our wonderful teacher.

pictured below was my next task.
I had to make a presentation bouquet.
The same rainbow theme required.
My class buddy and I were very happy with our work and ducked into the cool room to take some pics !

Some of the other students and teacher whipped up this amazing rainbow peacock !
It was absolutely spectacular !
(Apologies for the mobile phone quality photographs today)
Our arrangement pictured on the floor next to this big monster was quite sizable itself but paled in comparison next to the rainbow peacock.
and while we were working on our projects, the rest of the class created pretty table arrangements that would be given to the graduates at the end of their special 'rainbow' night.

The colours would have everybody smiling that's for sure.

So that was my day at floristry class !
It was a happy one and one that brought us all together as a team to create a happy event for our first client.
I was kicking myself as I had left my camera at home and had to resort to taking pics with my mobile phone.  My pics are not great quality and I do apologise but you can at least see what creations were made this week.
Next week we will be learning how to make wreaths !
I have been longing to make a wreath and cannot wait to make something beautiful to hang on my front door this Christmas.
Next week I get to learn how to do this.
Even more exciting, the weeks after see us choosing our own blooms.
I will be in my glory finally able to put my own stamp onto my arrangements. YAY !!

See you all tomorrow !


  1. WOW beautiful, love the bright colors!

  2. Wow, I would think this would be a huge challenge, you pulled it off and it is beautiful! That class sounds like sooo much fun!!