Friday, 14 September 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Tea Party

There is the sweetest angel up in heaven.
She has big crystal blue eyes and a beautiful smile.
She is holding hands with her best friend who is also her sister.
Together they drink tea, giggle and look down on their families with love.

This angel is my Grandmother and her sister is my other angel.

I like to think that they walk with me each day, one on each side of me for love and protection.
They were such precious people to me.
This week marks my Grandmother's 100th birthday. She is no longer here on earth but celebrating her life is a must. This wonderful woman is my hero.
She never complained or said a bad word about another human being in her whole life.
Her eyes would light up a room when she entered and her warm smile would make instant friends. She was kind hearted, friendly and always willing to help another human being.

Today I celebrate this amazing woman and everything she ever achieved.
Today I set a pretty table with a simple sponge cake as she loved and I drank cups of tea with my friend Miss M who joined me.
We toasted with tea, reflected on life and admired the photo in front of us of her.

So Grandma this is for you.
May you continue to sleep peacefully until we meet again.

All my love
The crinoline lady card was a gift from my Grandmother when I was 5 years old.
I just loved this card and never ever threw it away.
Crinoline ladies always remind me of my Grandmother.

See you all next week, I hope that you all have wonderful weekend

Much love
Melanie x

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  1. is 4:45 am here in new jersey and i am blubbering like a little baby! this is probably the sweetest post i have ever seen or read....the sentiment is so heart warming...i will be thinking of those two special ladies every time i look up or have a cup of tea (so i will be thinking of them a lot) i am sure that they share a cup every day together...heaven has to have tea just like it has to have CHOCOLATE...right!!!! a very very HAPPY 100th birthday to your special Grandmother who is looking down at you right now...watching over you and smiling with pure delight at the special tribute you sent her to the heavens! thank you my friend for being are a special shining star in my life and consider myself very lucky and blessed to call you friend : ) sending hugs to you and yours and to those two special ladies in the heavens! ps...JJ doesn't have pink today : ( but fun any way...found a santa! : ) lol!!!! hugs...

    1. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      No words can express

  2. Aww...this is such a endearing memorial post to your grandmother. Happy 100th to her! I know she was with you in spirit smiling away. that lavender. Purple next of course yellow is one of my favorite colors. Reading this post is a nice way to start off the weekend.

    1. She she definately would have been there smiling at me Sonya. Thanks for sharing the celebrations and for the well wishes. That flower isn't lavender it is a pretty bloom called Sea Mist. Pop in next week and I will be showcasing a new florist that has not long opened. Their flowers and arrangements are beautiful x

  3. How precious is your post, it has imspired me to be even a better grandmother to my grandchildren, although I couldn't love them more. To be remembered like this is so heart warming. Your birthday tea to celebrate your grandmother is just beatiful, thanks for posting it,Melanie.

    1. Sylvia I am sure that you are already a fantastic grandmother to your grandbabies !
      I guess the biggest thing that I remember about my Grandmother was the fact that she took the time to sit with us quietly and ask us how our world was. I also loved her stories of her youth (and just as well because I used to hear them 100

  4. Hi Melanie,
    What a sweet and heart-warming post! I have always felt my grandmother was my angel too. If she were alive today, she would be 106. I sure do miss her! I still have one of her birthday cards too. I think it was the last one she ever sent me. I must dig it out one of these days.
    Your birthday party is beautiful and the cake with the lacy lady on it is adorable! Thanks for sharing your lovely post and for visiting me today. Have a beautiful weekend.


  5. Melanie,
    That post brought tears to my eyes. I loved my grandma so much, and still miss her. She lives on in my heart and is with me when I am creating and crafting. Thank you for the nice comment you left about my new granddaughter. I hope she will have as many wonderful memories of me as we have of our grandmothers.

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful post. The thought behind it all-the inspiration of your special grandmother-ah, so sweet. We can hope to leave that impression with someone, can't we? I love everything in every picture. Very nostalgic. I have some of those cards and remember receiving them when I was a little girl.
    This was a very heartwarming post.
    Thank you, Ruthie from:

  7. Melanie, what a beautiful birthday tea in tribute to your Grandmother. Love all the little crinoline girls! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Thank you Melanie for sharing your lovely post with us at Tea Time. Have a beautiful day.


  9. What a very special tea party! My grandmother started me on my love of teacups and teapots. How wonderful that you can do this for her. And so beautiful! I love the crinoline lady cake. Thanks so much for sharing your very special tea!

  10. What a sweet Granddaughter!I have to now check how old My grandparents would be :)

  11. Hello Melanie, This is so sweet - I miss my grandmother and this tribute truly touched my heart. I have kept cards and letters from her too - her recipes as well - treasures - your tea is so very beautiful. I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  12. I had tears in my eyes reading this post my sweet and darling are such a kind and loving person. This is such a delightful way how to remember someone dear...I am very happy that my grandma is still alive...I feel like calling her immediately just to tell her that I love her...THANK YOU :-*