Monday, 15 October 2012

A Pretty Vignette At My Door

Welcome to

Today I have been birdwatching :-)
I have a little pet......
She is a quiet little thing and you never hear a peep out of her but she welcomes me each day as I return home.
A little nest made of Dotta Vine is gently tucked into a hanging metal cone near bye just in case fairies arrive and give her wings to fly !

I love making nests. They are so simple to make and are an inexpensive decorating item.
You can make your own nests out of Wisteria Vine, Ivy or Jasmine. Simply pick vine from your garden that is quite lengthy and strong and wind it in a coil around your closed fist. Tuck the end pieces in to secure and then decorate with feathers, flowers etc.
They are cheap to make, easy, pretty and can be used as table decorations at a festive lunch table or dinner party. I also hang my nests in some of my deciduous trees over Autumn and Winter to give a little interest in the bare branches.

I am putting the finishing touches on my jewellery line and setting up my new Etsy store. I will have my store up sometime this week and can't wait to show you all.
Be sure to keep popping in !


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  1. Nests ARE a beautiful thing, Melanie!
    I'm happy for you, setting up your shop and getting ready to "put out your shingle" soon! Hooray!