Thursday, 18 October 2012

Floristry Exams......My Pretty Creations !

I haven't left you all I promise !
It has been a very, very busy for Miss Peachy Pink.
I have had my finger in lots of pies.
Studying, working, running a home, being a busy Mum of 4, a wife, trying to open my new ETSY business.
I'm almost exhausted just reading that to myself ! lol

Yesterday I began a big round of exams for my floristry course.
I was feeling cool, calm and collected and ready to begin.
I decided to choose my favourite colours and blooms to work with so that I would be as inspired as possible. The flowers were chosen for us and all we had to do was choose our colours.

I chose pinks and  raspberries as my predominant colour theme and we were all to have a nice bunch of Iris'.
Our blooms used were

There were 4 designs all up to be assessed on.
I have photo's of 3 to show you. The first one had to be quickly pulled apart to start the next exam.

I was really happy with my marks which was wonderful !
The whole classroom was quiet as we focused and trimmed and chopped our blooms.
It was nerve wracking but lots of fun at the same time.


A pretty posy !
and then the hand held posy turned into a posy bowl !
This arrangement is suitable for a table decoration to be viewed from all sides.
I added some Budlea (Butterfly Bush) foliage to mine to really bring out the pale pinks of my blooms. The soft grey foliage of the Budlea worked it's magic and I was very happy with the result.
The essence of a flower is almost impossible to capture in a photograph. I wish you could all touch and smell this arrangement !
Next on the agenda was a posy box !
I chose Iris and my Raspberry pink snapdragons.
I popped some lemon scented geranium and Sasanqua Camellia foliage into my design and completed the look with purple shades with my paper.
The lemon scented geranium smelt sooooo beautiful !
I also really loved this arrangement and it was this one, that scored me big points.....Hooray !!!!

I loved watching the pretty Iris' open during the day.
When I began the day they were tight, closed buds and by the end of the day they were happily blooming away.
 Isn't Mother Nature incredible !

These were my 2 'babies' that I brought home at the end of the day.
They represent a years worth of hard work.
I look back at my earlier blog posts of my first designs and I have a giggle to myself at how far I have come in my learning.
At the end of the year I will be a qualified Florists assistant and at the end of next year a fully qualified Florist !
Year 3 (if you fancy coming back.....which I do) has lots of amazing design work.  That's the year that  I most look forward too !
The world of floristry is certainly more than it seems.
A walk in and walk out of a florist store sees nothing of what goes on behind the scenes.
I now know why flowers can be so expensive, I have a greater compassion for the poor souls who pull themselves out of bed at 1am and travel to the flower markets a few times a week to buy flowers for their store. It is hard, hard work and an art all of it's own.
At the same time it captivates you.
The smell of the flower markets linger within you forever once you have visited. 
The flowers silently call your name and whisper 'Come back soon !'

One thing is for certain



  1. Beautiful work Melanie. Congratulations.
    Must be glorious working around flowers. I purchase flowers every week for my home, cannot live without them.