Monday, 8 October 2012

Something Special and Magical Happened Over The Weekend

It all began with a silent thought.

One lazy Saturday morning I felt like sitting in the sunshine.
 Of course tea was involved !
I had a plan of action in my head of setting up an Etsy store to sell my new jewellery line.
I needed some quiet time to myself to plan it all out in my head.
I took my prettiest tea cup and saucer out of the china cupboard, popped the kettle on the stove and went about setting a little quiet space up on my veranda (porch) to settle down for planning time.

I quite fancied some of my rose tea, so I popped the sweet little bag into my cup, filled it up with boiling water and settled down on my chair to think.

and this is when the magic happened !

Thoughts running wild in my head I silently picked up my dainty cup and tilted it to take a sip.
I glanced into the cup and something caught my eye....

Tiny glimmers of sparkles were dancing all around my cup ! :-)

I think that fairies had paid my cup a visit as I was sitting there in the silence !

I had a giggle and set down the cup on the table.

I called out to me beautiful daughter to come and see !

Another sweet smile :-)

So it appears as though MAGIC DOES HAPPEN !

I have not used these cups for a little while now but somehow fairy glitter has spilled into the cup somewhere on my travels. I have no idea when, how or where. It will remain a mystery.
I like to think that the fairies blessed my thoughts  and gave me a gift.

You see....I have been wanting to open a little Etsy store for quite some time.
My new jewellery line has been sitting there for quite a few months now waiting to be sold. There has been a hold up on some of my antique French lace arriving and I wanted to have lots of goodies ready for you all before I opened the store.
My lace is due to arrive this month but I had been thinking of just throwing caution to the wind and just opening the store up with what stock I had.


So I am busy organising myself.
I am washing my precious lace supply, I am ironing, primping and preening ready to begin my new journey in ETSYland.
If all goes well I hope to have my store opened and ready to go next week.

This is a little peek at one of my new pieces !
PRETTY !!!!!

Beautiful on the inside and out !
This is where the magic happened !
Magic is all around us.
Sometimes in our rush or our fear, we ignore it.

It turns up when we least expect it to.
I look forward to creating beautiful treasures for you all to enjoy.
I have been creating beautiful things for as long as I can remember. It is in my heart and in my soul. It makes me happy and I love the joy that it brings to others.
So my friends, I invite you to come with me on my journey, share in my love of crafts and beauty and enjoy the ride.
and may the fairies be with you :-)

Have a beautiful day



  1. Such beautiful photos, Melanie! Best, best, best wishes to you as you open your shop!

  2. *Sigh*

    Well, magic really DOES happen, doesn't it, my sweet friend?

    Your store will be wonderful, I just know it - just like YOU!


  3. Very pretty! Thanks for the peek. I do love your quiet space.

  4. I hope you have many visits from the fairies. They're so much fun!

  5. Oh YOU AMAZE me my friend!!!! You just make romantic magic HAPPEN!!!! You are the master! Look at this post...does it get more beautiful...the answer is NO!!!! Magic is all around us and you bring magic to my life all the time with your wonderful and loving friendship...sending tons of hugs to you across the world!!! : ) love you!!! : )

  6. Can´t belive how pretty this is...the glitter in your tea is amazing :-))) thank you for such a sweet and fairy blog!!!