Tuesday, 9 October 2012

One Pretty Candle........

One pretty candle can change the entire ambiance of a bedroom.
I love how one tiny purchase inspired me to change a whole room around. The linen was all changed on the bed and extra Winter clutter was stored back up in the cupboard. A change of decor when the seasons change always puts a spring in your step no matter how small the change.
I found this pretty candle on my recent travels and it looks so pretty lit up in my daughters bedroom.
The flame dances happily in it's waxy body and the sweet scent of vanilla fills the air.
It's warm glow sheds a shadow against the wall in the fading sunlight and creates a beautiful mood in the room.
2 wicks are twice as nice :-)
I love the way the fluted glass lights up against the flame.
and another day reaches it's end........

See you all tomorrow for a very pretty and very fragile antiquing Saturday find.


1 comment:

  1. I love your bedding, white is a favorite of mine, I had my guest room in all battingburg lace and changed it when my grandson became a teenager, he spends the night with often and didn't like the girlie look. Your daughter has a lovely room.