Monday, 12 November 2012

A Little Faith, Hope and Charity Goes A Long, Long Way

Welcome to a brand new week !
I hope that your weekends were fantastic and you are all ready to begin the week afresh.
I had a relatively quiet weekend studying (again !!!) for more exams for my floristry course.
I will be so happy when there are no more exams for the year. I just found my favourite authors brand new book at my local bookstore and I am so bursting to read it but will save it for over the Christmas break. The authors name is Maggie Alderson and I just adore her books. They are so funny and full of quirky characters and I can never put any of her books down because they are so captivating !

NOW for today's post.
I found these beautiful greeting cards a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly the whole set was still together after 110 years.  I am thinking of having these cards framed for the wall. I think FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is such an important value for every single person in the world to embrace.
Each one of these values is intrinsic in our lives. 

FAITH in ourselves, others and God.
HOPE that reminds us to always hold hope within our hearts.
CHARITY to remind us to keep others in our thoughts and to reach out and help those in need.

I like to think that I hold each of those values close to my heart and always do my best to achieve all of these. Giving from ones heart is truly the most important thing in the world and also the most gratifying.
Sometimes it feels like Hope has disappeared but a little faith in oneself and in others can keep us all smiling and moving forward.
I wish there was one more card to go with these ones.
It would be COURAGE.
Courage can be the scariest and most important thing that we can find in our hearts. Courage to carry on in times of desperation and despair. Courage to face a brand new day filled with difficulties.
Sometimes courage can be hiding behind the door when we go and look for it.
Simply open the door and you will find it there. Sometimes it has only been a gust of wind that has closed the door and it simply just needs to be opened up again.
Don't be afraid to open that door.
Don't be afraid to smile and be happy.
Hope will be there, you just need to believe that it is.
Open your heart and you will find it there, it is a safe place inside of your heart that only you can reach.
Go that door

I did find more beautiful antique greetings cards when I found these ones. I will share them with you all tomorrow.

Much love to you all
and a great big welcome to so many more new followers on face book and my blog page.



  1. Oh I ADORE Those cards!!!!

    They'd be so beautiful in a gorgeous frame, wouldn't they?

    You find the neatest stuff, lady!

  2. "And the greatest of these is Love". Have a blessed day Melanie!