Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Beautiful Find Of Antique Greeting Cards.....

It all happened the same day as I found the pegs !
I quickly popped in to my local antique store to take a sneaky peek and walked out with smiles all round.
I asked the lovely lady of the store if she had recently found any old greeting cards on her travels.
Yes was the answer that came and she went out the back of her store and returned with a whole pile of goooorgeous old Victorian era cards.


  I have popped them away for Christmas but couldn't help but take some pics to share with you all first.
I love these !!
The Lacy card is my favourite, the lace is still intact and in amazing condition. I also adore the pale blue celluloid Christmas card. 
I am going to wrap them up all pretty and give them to myself for Christmas ! lol

Isn't this pretty card below just lovely ?
Why can't we have beautiful cards like this these days.  The artwork is so exquisite and the greeting so sweet. I wonder if the folk at "Daisybank' were delighted when they received this pretty greeting card. I know that I would have been.
and how cute is this tiny little gift card ! (below)
The paper is so delicate and fine on this tiny gift card.
It's hard to believe that it is around 120 years old isn't it ?
Somebody must have treasured these gorgeous cards because they all came from the same home and they were all in beautiful condition.
and the whole bounty of the day pictured all together.
Dolly pegs, Victorian teapot trivet and my lovely greeting cards.
I have just been pottering around the garden for an hour or two. It is such a humble and peaceful task.
I planted some succulents that a friend kindly gave me from her garden. Funnily enough I hadn't really had a fondness of succulents in the past but now studying floristry I have seen so many beautiful arrangements with them that I can't wait for mine to grow now so I can make something beautiful with them. Now I am about to put my head in my book and start preparing for another exam tomorrow.
( I hate exams.....)
I have to make a corsage, button hole and a wreath and then comes the big bad theory test.
But I guess it's one step closer to my dream so it's a positive.
Have a beautiful day and I'll
See you all tomorrow !
Have a great day



  1. The cards are fascinating, Melanie!
    I hope your exams go well.

  2. Best of luck on your exam. I adore those greeting cards, and yes the lace one is divine! Glad to have found you thru Pearls and Lace Thursday!

  3. An absolutely wonderful find on those vintage cards. I love cards - sending or receiving. These are so much prettier than the new versions.

  4. Melanie, those cards are SO GORGEOUS!!! Oh how I love those intricate designs and lacy looks...the colors are just magnificent. I think the one with the lacy borders is my favorite...but they all look lovely together. I'm so glad you shared them with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday! Hope your week is going beautifully....and all the best on your exams!!