Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Marie Antoinette Tea From Laduree

Tea named after Marie Antoinette !
Rose tea you say
Yes please !
I have been wanting to visit the gorgeous store Laduree for a very long time.
So when it opened in Sydney recently I had to visit.
The bad things about it was the fact that my lovely Mum and I were already booked in for a high tea at another venue the same day. As much as we were simply bursting to try a dainty macaron or a sweet Madeline we just couldn't fit another thing in.
We had indulged elsewhere and had a beautiful (although Miss piggyish time) indulging on scones, clotted cream and ribbon sandwiches among other yummies.
(I will share that story with you another day.)

But Laduree called our names from afar and we found ourselves looking longingly at the sweet tea cups that were serving tea to the patrons. The whole experience looked amazing !

We decided to buy some tea to take home with us and vowed to go back again soon.
Can you believe that I carried my camera around with me all day and when it came time to start snapping away I had forgotten to put the memory card in my camera !  I was far from happy so had to use my mobile phone.

(I will post a few pics up tomorrow for you all to see)

So today after another long day studying and doing assignments  I decided to make tea and sit out in my favourite garden spot and relax.
Of course I took photo's while I did so.

Mum bought us both a tin of the gorgeous tea.
 She chose the green tin and I chose the pink (of course).
When I looked closer at the label of my tea I giggled when I saw that it was called
Marie Antoinette.
It is rose infused and is by far the most amazing tea in the world.
That is no exageration.
Really it is THAT good !
and not just because of Marie either........

I drank it black with no sugar and it was divine.

Isn't it lovely.....
Would anybody like a piece of Turkish Delight ?
Even Marie would be impressed with these pretty vintage buckles.
Mother of pearl and waiting to be made into something special.
Told you that she would be happy !
See, she is smiling :-)


  1. How lovely! I have had two different types of rose tea. One had a little too much rose. The other was perfect. Neither came packaged as beautifully as yours did.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Very pretty - it's making me want to have the girls over for tea. :)

  3. Now if they packaged things like that we'd buy more of them!! LOVELY!! So glad you and your mum have special times together. I think that's the best part. THank you so much for sharing your lovely time and your beautiful tea party with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday. The laces and pearls fit right in!!
    Blessings dear!

  4. Oh. I am so going to try it soon, I just brought two pink tea from France. I can't wait to have a little tea party with some friends. Thank you for your review on MA tea.

    Julie x

  5. Oh this is a gorgeous Marie Antoinette party. I must have missed this post. Very beautiful tea party. take care, Darlene