Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Visit To Laduree....Oo-La-La

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to tick another place to visit off my bucket list.
I have really wanted to visit the amazing store Laduree for a long time. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard that a brand new store had opened up in Sydney (Australia) recently.

I was unable to sit down, eat a macaron and enjoy the experience though, as I had been invited along the same day to high tea with my beautiful Mum.
We have vowed to go back soon and enjoy the whole Laduree experience.
If we weren't travelling by train and carrying around bag loads of Christmas gifts then we could have bought some yummy macaroons or Madelines to take home but they would have been ruined by the end of the day.
Next time !!!!!
Can't wait :-)

I was so excited to see the drop dead gorgeous displays and amazing cabinetry. The beautiful greens and pinks that flow through every display is so eye catching and really tempts you to want to see more.
We splurged on a tin of tea each and the packaging is GLORIOUS to say the least.
I was happy to find that my chosen tea had been named 'Marie Antoinette' !
It is rose infused and is the most amazing tea that I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

The only downer of the day is when I carried my big clunker lunker of camera around all day only to find out that I had left the memory card at home...........
My trusty Iphone camera had to be put to work. The quality of the pics isn't the best but I'm sure that the beauty of Laduree still shines through the fuzzy haze.

If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful store then go forth and embrace the opportunity because I know that you will absolutely adore it.
Rows and rows of pretty little Macarons all in a row...
These little carraiges could be purchased and were filled (I think) with tiny chocolates in pretty packaging.
The eye for detail is amazing. Every tiny piece of anything Laduree is beautiful from the packaging to the pretty serviettes that come with your Macaron or Madeline.

Apologies for the bluriness of the tea labels pictured underneath.
Aren't the pretty tins of tea lovely ?

You will find Laduree, Sydney on facebook

I am still dreaming about those divine Macarons and the pretty pink and white tea cups that served the tea in the little cafe.
Next time I will be armed with camera (memory card installed !) and I will sip tea and enjoy a violet Macaron. 
Did you all visit my blog yesterday where I threw my own little Marie Antoinette afternoon tea.
The photo's are so pretty.
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Enjoy your day



  1. Hello sweet friend! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!
    Are you on Instagram? If so, we should hook up! I'd love to see your daily photos!

  2. How fabulous for you my friend! I am stopping by today -- this Thanksgiving Day in the US to let you know that I am thankful for you! Your friendship and love! Sending you and yours the biggest hugs ever and know that you are in my heart always...hugs...