Monday, 5 November 2012

My Little Lily Of The Valley


This post is dedicated to my sweet angel in heaven

Little Miss Lily
For  those of you out there who have suffered the pain of miscarriage or loss of an infant then you will likely understand my little shrine to Lily.

It's not really a shrine as so much as a small collection of Lily Of The Valley pretties that remind me of one I lost in pregnancy. A tiny infant who I never had the chance to hold, or love and protect.
Somewhere in heaven she lives. She brings me smiles, not tears.
Her short life was just not meant to be. Rather than push thoughts of my sweet Lily to the back of my mind I prefer to celebrate the short time I held her in my womb.
The angels had grander plans for her indeed.
 Maybe she is the guardian of all things Lily Of The Valley ?
Well I like to think that she is anyway.

Every so often I will find a little piece of Lily Of The Valley china, or an antique postcard and I will add it to my small collection.
Last week I held my first bunch of fresh Lily Of The Valley.
I ordered it in especially as Lily would have celebrated her birthday around this time.
She would have been 15.
Our weather here in Australia is far too hot to grow these gorgeous flowers.
I would love to be able to do so though.
The fragrance of these divine blooms was intoxicating. It was possibly the sweetest scent that I have ever had the pleasure of smelling.
I have kept my small bunch of blooms in the fridge for most of the last few days so as to lengthen their life. I open our fridge and the scent wafts out all through our kitchen.....

When I found out that I was expecting Lily I began to collect antique baby dresses to dress her in. The main dress featured in this post  however, was a brand new dress with teensy white embroidered rosebuds that were nestled among the most beautiful smocking.
It has never been worn but I treasure it with all of my heart.
The dress was to be hers.

So today I invite you to view my collection and my very first bunch of Lily Of The Valley.
Isn't this vintage hailspot throw just so pretty !
I think I am going to find something pretty to make with this rather then pack it back up in a box.
It is way too pretty to be hidden away.

Love and blessings to you all

and also to sweet Lily

P.S  Sorry to have been absent last week. We were having computer and internet problems that have since been resolved. I have lots to share with you all and will do so over the coming week x


  1. Oh, Miss Lily--please continue to watch over your sweet Mama and know that she loves you very much. You will always be a part of her. God bless.

  2. Oh, Lily. Thank you for sharing, Melanie. I think your tribute to your precious one is absolutely beautiful. You have such a tender way about you.

  3. I cry for you and want you to know that you - you all - are in my prayers.

    You are a very special lady, Melanie.

    God bless you.

    Your friend,


  4. What a wonderful honor you gave your dear little one. I can understand your pain as my daughter lost her first child, a daughter that only lived 26 hours. Her name is Sydney, I touched her hand as she laid in the incubater in ICU and she wrapped her tiny fingers around mine, I love her and know she's with Jesus now.

  5. This is such a touching post, Melanie. The little dress is just precious and the Lily-of-the Valley china is gorgeous. What a beautiful way to honour your little one. God bless you.
    Thank you for stopping by to visit me on the weekend. I pray you have a lovely week, my friend.