Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Victorian Teapot Trivet......Antiquing Saturday !

Antiquing Saturday turned up trumps when I spotted this goooorgeous Victorian Tea Pot trivet.

After some research I have learnt that my new pretty would have been the base to a very elegant teapot. Unfortunately the teapot was long gone. Just imagine how beautiful it would have been with the matching trivet.

Victorian china and dinnerware is by far my favourite choice of china.
The colours used and the transfers that were also used are of such wonderful quality and have definitely stood the tests of time.
I adore the soft florals that were used and even though that pieces are definitely becoming more few and far between, when I find pieces that are always very affordable.
if a piece doesn't make me excited at my first glance then it doesn't come home with me.
It has to have me bouncing around with delight.

This trivet definitely had me doing that ! lol
It is now a much treasured piece in my collection and I bought it for a couple of dollars too !
I have definitely discovered a little bargain in this piece.

I always carefully wash my Victorian dinner ware in warm soapy water and always towel dry with a soft cloth so as not to scratch it.
I have been naughty on occasion and popped a piece in the dishwasher and I've had no problem with it, however I wouldn't suggest ever doing so. I have only ever done this with particularly fancy bevelled edge pieces which I couldn't get ground in dirt from without scratching.
She hasn't even had a bath yet and has remnants of a piece of newspaper still stuck to her flip side.
She will come up a treat after a wash in some warm soapy water.
This pretty is all hand painted to perfection, no sign of transfers at all.
Each brush stroke is precise and dainty.
The artist at hand must have had quite the eye for detail.
and it looks perfect with my crystal vase !

Today in Australia we celebrate the race that stops the nation !
The Melbourne Cup is fun filled, fashion filled and a wonderful way to celebrate our wonderful country.
The horses are all perfectly groomed, the jockey's are in their finest silks and the spectators look amazing in their glamorous outfits !
I have just baked a yummy cheesecake, topped it with sweet blueberries which burst inside your mouth. I am going to set a pretty table and celebrate the race with my beautiful family.

Good luck to those friends of mine who are having a punt.


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  1. Oh that teapot trivet is beautiful! I have never heard of that before... thanks for the info!