Thursday, 8 November 2012


I've never ever liked exams.
I guess most people would say the same thing though.
No matter how cool, calm and collected I feel about them, I still end up nervous and have those naughty butterflies flying around my stomach.

I am sitting exams every single week for the next few weeks. As a matter of fact we have been assessed on our floral creations for the past couple of weeks.
There is a feeling of tension that swims over the exam room and a nervous silence fills the air. We all have our hands moving at the rate of knots and are concentrating on doing our very best.
I take things one step further and put great expectations on myself. I strive for the best and challenge myself to deliver. I guess that's the perfectionist in me. If there is one thing I am hard on myself about, it's creating something amazing and something that I am super proud of.

This week we have the week off to study but last week when these designs were made I found myself with quite a bright bunch of blooms.
My blooms were

Vibrant bright blue Delphiniums
Hot pink Roses
Creamy White Alstromeria
Green Hellebore's
Camellia Foliage

We had to create 2 different designs. A bunch and a box.

I really liked my box.
I softened the bright blue Delphiniums down by using the buds only. I adore Delphiniums but they were so striking and they seemed to be competing with the hot pink roses.  Instead of having lots of blue flowers, the violet coloured buds allowed the roses to stand out and be the star of the show !
I was lucky enough o have been given a bunch of Hellebore's from my Grandmother when she pruned her bush so I added them to my box too.  The pale grey/green flowers were a great contrast for the roses. Teamed with pink and purple paper the arrangement turned out lovely and I was very happy with my results and marks.

Next came a bunch.....

I used my vibrant blue Delphiniums, hot pink Roses and Alstromeria.
Camellia leaves were my foliage choice.
The result was a super bright bunch of delight.
I gave my creations away to a lovely friend of mine and she was delighted with the surprise !

Our presentation is marked, therefore wrapping has to be perfect.
Wrapping our designs is the cherry on the top so colour choice is important.

I bet you are wondering why I have pictured sweet Lily Of The Valley blooms as my feature photo ?
I had ordered a bunch of them for myself as a treat. They were my very first bunch ever and I smiled all day long looking at them. The scent was absolutely beautiful.

This week I have had my head down in my books preparing for my theory exam.
I seem to have reverted back to my schools days with my study process. I have sticky notes stuck all over the house with things to remember and botanical names of flowers !!! HELP !
It has been some time since my brain has had to remember facts. For many years it has aided me in changing nappies, making tiny sandwiches, sports events and doing grocery shopping.
Oh it feels wonderful to have to remember something important.
Liberating really !
I love my children to bits but the day I go to my floristry course Mummy becomes Melanie and there are no little voices demanding my time and attention.
It has seemed like forever since I have been able to be myself, for myself and not just for 4 children.

My year of study has been simply amazing and I look forward very much to 2 more years ahead to continue my learning. In fact I wish that it would never end because I love it so much.
this course has been on my bucket list for 20 years and finally I am making it happen.
I urge any Mummies out there to embrace the challenge and fill your mind with something magnificent no matter how long or short the course is. Even a weekend course in decorating your home will give you inspiration to encourage your mind to grow.
One things for certain, you will be sure of a very smiley face when you are finished and your children will love you for it.

That's it for me today, I have a tonne to study so I will catch you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow my vintage peg fetish surfaces once again
(it's a strange addiction really ! lol)


  1. You are going to do just FINE- your designs are lovely and you really know your stuff, lady.

    No worries or stresses!

    Good luck!

    Such beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. very pretty arrangements,Melanie!