Thursday, 15 November 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS......A Rosy Posy Wedding Theme

I arrived in my classroom super early and ready to tackle more exams....
3 more weeks and I would have finished my first year of study and halfway to my new path in life of being a florist.

Our deliveries of flowers arrived and we all crowded around to see what blooms we would be working with. Hopefully something different and inspirational to work with.

After unpacking box after box of orders for weddings and other events we finally came down to our own blooms to work with.
I had unpacked 16 bunches of pretty pink Peonies (My very favourite flower!) and my teacher laughed and warned me off when she saw my eyes light up in delight.
Unfortunately they were not for us......SAD FACE :-(

I had been hovering over some DIVINE looking pale green roses with the most beautiful blush/pink colour tips. There was only one bunch and I crossed my fingers that they would be mine.
At the same time as I hovered our teacher declared that indeed the roses would be ours.
Like a flash of light the pretty green roses were in my arms.
I teamed them with lilac/pink Lizzianthus and some pine to create my designs for the day.

There is something to be said about working with flowers that you love and feel inspired by.
We were to create a posy, corsage and a button hole.

Very much a wedding theme.

I completed my posy and carefully bound the stems with care.
Thumbs up from my teacher !
and then it was time to make a corsage and button hole.
I chose Camellia and Buxus foliage and a small sprig of lavender coloured Misty to compliment my design. I loved the result.
I carefully carried my button hole over to the teacher to mark it and after declaring how much I loved my design I accidentally dropped it on the floor !
I sucked in my breath and crossed my fingers......
I took dared look down on the floor
Time stood still
It was fine !

and my teacher loved it too.
I walked away smiling with a great mark.
After a very long day my daughter HAD to take a photo !
(Not the best pic but she insisted.)

'Here comes the bride'
and after a long day and much abuse my sweet little roses began to show their tired faces.
They were played with and pulled apart all day long. All in the name of practise ! (I'm sure they will forgive me.) My corsage and button hole have now found themselves in my fridge in a container. I wish that I was going somewhere to wear them !
It was a very busy day, I adored my flowers and slept very well that night. I worked with passion and love and enjoyed every second !
It's a wonderful thing to live your dream.

See you all tomorrow
and thanks so much for visiting.
Your friendship means the world.



  1. you did great Melanie, I love all the arrangements, most of all I love Pink Roses!

  2. Oh Melanie! Your creations are absolutely lovely!!! You are an inspiration!!! BLESSINGS!!! patti

  3. I have no words-BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Vicky