Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Queen Anne's Lace

I know a lovely lady who has a garden full of Queen Anne's Lace.
When it is in flower there is not a prettier picture in the world.

I bought myself a packet of seeds, sowed them freely throughout my garden

Nothing !!!!
Not even a hint of one tiny seedling.

Apparently they self sow and spread in the wind and carry their teeny tiny seeds to every crevice.
Well it didn't happen in my garden.
I was recently given these 2 little sprigs of Queen Anne's Lace and am waiting to collect the seeds that they will drop. This time I will sow them in seed raising mix, I will talk to them everyday about how big they will be when they grow up and I will water them ever so carefully so that I don't wash the tiny seeds away.
I would ADORE to have these beautiful romantic flowers bloom in my garden.
I believe that one must wear gloves when working with them as they can cause allergic reactions ? 
Anyhow I shall give it a try and hope that one day my garden will provide me with big bountiful bunches of white dancing petals of Queen Anne's Lace.

Anything that has been named after a queen must be worthy of living in my garden ? lol
I'm also sure that the fairies would visit a lot more if these pretty blooms lived here.
They would ride into my garden on the backs of bumble bees and land elegantly on the lacy blooms and sit for a while and drink tea from tiny cups that I will hide among the flowers just for them.
Maybe I will even bake miniature fairy cupcakes with pale pink frosting for them to eat !

When the fairies are finished in my garden then maybe they would pop some seeds into their fairy pockets and spread some in your front gardens ?
Mother nature has a way of doing such things.
Anything is possible when it comes to the fairies.

I believe in fairies.......and Santa Claus......and the Easter Bunny.

I believe in magic and miracles
and I believe that love is all around us just waiting for us to open our hearts to receive it.

So surely I must believe that these tiny seeds will work their magic and appear amongst my Hollyhocks and my Lavender bushes.

I'm crossing my fingers....

2 tiny sprigs of Queen Anne's Lace.......
I have every faith that they will deliver the goods !


Does anybody have any tips for me on how to grow these successfully ?
I would be so grateful for any advice that you may have.

See you all tomorrow for THURSDAY FLOWERS



  1. What a sweet fairy-like post, Melanie!
    Here Queen Anne's Lace grows in the woods (well, up north) and I've never seen it in a garden. I feel sure the fairies will help you and soon you'll have yours. It could be your signature flower. Fitting!

  2. Melanie I think I need to plant some next year. What a lovely post xo