Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Best Ever Cheesecake Recipe

Who loves cheesecake ?

I had lots of happy,smiley faces in my kitchen yesterday when they all came from from school and discovered a home made cheesecake topped with yummy fresh blueberries sitting on the counter for afternoon tea!

I use the simplest recipe ever and it never fails to delight.
Grab you pen and paper and pop this one into your cookbook.


2 packets of plain sweet biscuits. (I use Scotch Finger or Nice)
200 grams of melted butter

In a food processor, process biscuits until they turn to crumbs.
Transfer into a bowl and add melted butter and mix.

Grease your pie dish or spring form pan as I used and press crumb mixture into the base and sides of the pan. Be sure to have enough depth all of the way round the sides so your cake will not crumble when cutting.
Bake in a 180 degree oven until golden brown (approx 10-15 minutes)

When cooked, set out on counter until cool.

3 packets of Philadelphia cream cheese
1 1/2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (395g can size)
juice of 2 lemons (or to taste)

Mix ingredients in a food processor until thick and creamy and free of lumps.

When pastry base is completely cool fill up the shell with your filling, top with fresh berries
 (or leave plain if desired)
Refrigerate until set and then serve.

This is such an easy recipe and is not too sickly sweet.

Blueberries are in season at the moment and are so sweet. These blueberries literally pop when you bite into them !
(If desired you could replace with frozen berries if berries are not in season at the time)

My hungry children found themselves the biggest plates they could ! lol
One by one slices were cut.....

and by the end of today I doubt very much there will be any left !

As a matter of fact I just made myself a coffee and I'm having a slice now.........Yum !!!!

I am off to study for more exams that are coming up so I best be off !
I will be back tomorrow with my regular segment of THURSDAY FLOWERS.

See you all then.


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  1. Oh made my morning, this looks soooo GOOD!!! I am definitely going to try one myself! Thank you for sharing! beautiful photos! YUM!