Monday, 3 December 2012

A Pretty Marie Antoinette Treasure

Happy Monday to you all !
Aren't the final weeks of this year just flying past at the moment ?
No sooner that I'm out of bed in the morning  I seem to be climbing back into it again. 
Days are full of planning Christmas celebrations and decorating the house.
It really is such a beautiful time of the year.

 The Christmas rush seems to have begun in the retail world.
I don't know about you but this year I decided to shop local and from small businesses who have been struggling so much in the current economic climate.
I would much prefer to buy my gifts from a family owned business or an Etsy or Ebay store that pour their heart and soul into creating something unique and wonderful.

Speaking of Ebay, today's little treasure was a find many years ago now on Ebay.  I am not really a green kind of girl but there was something so alluring about the pretty face on top of this beautiful cut glass dressing table bowl. 
Years later I now know this pretty face is actually the face of Marie Antoinette.
Her glorious rose clad hat won me over the second that I saw her.
I actually forgot about this beautiful piece and recently found her hiding at the top of my cupboard. Her pretty face has been living in the dark and covered with paper work (oops !)
I remembering putting her there for safe keeping before we began renovating our home as I didn't want anything to happen to her.
She has also been hiding my long lost charm bracelet from my childhood that I thought that I had lost. I was so happy to have found that again !
(I will show you that tomorrow)

Today this sweet jewellery bowl is resting peacefully on my dressing table in pride of place.


I love the detail on the brass shell of the bowl.
The crystal bowl inside actually lifts out from the brass for ease of cleaning.

Can you see my pretty little charm bracelet in the bowl ?
I have just taken some pictures of it to show you all in tomorrow's blog post.

This week on my blog I will be announcing my
It is such a beautiful giveaway and features gorgeous pieces from Jean De'Arc, Paris Rags and of course more surprises that you will have to find out on the day as I want it to be a surprise !
The giveaway is for anybody out there in this great big wide world of ours who happens to love my blog ! lol
I am just finalising the last couple of pretties that are going into it and I will share it with you all.

So be good girls and boys because Santa Claus is watching and he knows who's been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes !
My Grandmother used to tell me that the Christmas beetles that appear at this time of the year here in Australia and the little sparrows that land on our window sills are actually Santa's helpers. Apparently they are spying on all of the good children and will tell Santa who's been behaving or not.
So many times I was sure that Santa would not be stopping off at our house (especially when I cut my little friends long hair of into a short buzz cut !......oops) but year after year he seemed to change his mind at the last minute and leave a sack of toys for me.
Maybe Santa's rose coloured glasses helped with my cause !

See you all tomorrow


  1. I love the Marie Antoinette picture! I love the pictures that look like Marie Antoinette. Just yesterday I bought a Cameo Creation picture but this one did not look like Marie. She has long brown hair at the flea market for a dollar. I love these kinds of pictures. take care, Darlene

  2. Good morning Melanie,
    I was so happy to have you visit me the other day. I really do love all my followers but one downside of having such a number is that I do not get a chance to visit everyone now. But when one of you stops by, I try to repay the visit. I am looking forward to seeing your charm bracelet. I had done a post featuring mine a few weeks ago but I never actually posted it. Somehow I got caught up in Christmas decorating and I deleted the charm bracelet post. Perhaps after Christmas I will share it. Hope you're having a lovely day.


  3. Dear, gorgeous Melanie, Your post are always so beautiful and delightful! I love your Marie Antoinette picture! She is gorgeous and a real treasure! I am glad you found her again and your charm bracelet too! All of your jewelry is so pretty! I agree about shopping on Etsy and Ebay and small local shops! Buying handmade is the best! I look forward to reading more about your charm bracelet! I love what your grandmother would tell you! So sweet! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind words! I thought I was following you, but now I am for sure! Enjoy this wonderful season too! Love, Paula xoxo