Friday, 21 December 2012

Angels With Crowns And Glitter And Stuff

Today I treated myself with a little something special because I have been a very good girl !
There is this very clever lady that lives in my town who makes the sweetest Christmas angels to sell each year for Christmas.

She is a lady after my own heart. She loves glitter, French blue, white lace, crowns and tulle.
She combines all of those things together to create something gorgeous.

So this is what I bought.

This pretty little angel who likes to wear crowns because she feels pretty in them. She likes to pirouette in her fluffy little tutu under my Christmas tree when the house is quiet !
She's quite enchanting

and this cheeky little girl with the cheeky grin peeks at the gifts under out tree. She thinks that I don't know but I have seen the sticky tape lifting off in quite a few places !
She likes to take a little nap in amongst the flowers of my Christmas wreath and she LOVES glitter. In fact there are traces of glitter all over our house from where she tip toes around each night.
and this little Santa hat clad girl on the right (below) is dreaming of a white Christmas but is about to be terribly disappointed because everybody knows that it's Summer here in Australia and a Winter coat is not really a good idea.  She will definitely be looking for an air conditioning unit and a Summer dress before you know it !
This little fur bunny is about to be posted off to another destination to live on somebody elses tree.
I won't tell who though because it will ruin the surprise.

and my very kind son bought this book for me for Christmas. It is a book about the meaning of flowers.I can't wait to sit back with a nice cold glass of iced tea and read it.

                                     I hope that you all like my little goodies.
 I am so grateful for having a beautiful family and friends to spend this magical  time of the year with.
Next time I speak with you all it will be Christmas Eve and Santa will be packing his sleigh and ringing his jingle bells. Children all over the world will be lying in their little beds unable to go to sleep because they are so excited.
Oh it is all so magical and fabulous
                        Enjoy your weekend.


  1. My dear Melanie,

    I love everything!!! It would be great if you show us a little sneak peek from that amazing book you got...must be lovely! I also love this kind of hand-made ornaments, I made one cute ballerina myself :-)

    All of your photos are so fairy, I enjoy them very much and I can´t wait to see another post from you. I finally have time now to go through your previous posts too!

    Merry Christmas my sweet friend ♥♥♥

  2. Hi, of course angels need crowns..Adorable. Thank you for stopping by! I love your blog, I am your newest follower,I will be stopping by soon! Merry Chirstmas


  3. Hi Melanie! Ah, flowers and fairies! I love both!
    I AM going to make the fruit cake and I'll think of you when I taste it!