Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Doves.......A Sign Of Peace

On my recent trip to the country I found a very sweet little corner of the world.
We stayed at a beautiful country estate named PEPPERS AT THE CONVENT. I have so many pics to share with you all but with the end of the year approaching and lots of Christmas things to share I have decided to share the photo's in the new year.

There were a few pics that I just had to share with you all before Christmas as they really depict something that we all need in this wonderful world of ours.


On a long walk through vineyards and enjoying the peaceful surrounds I stumbled upon an adorable little dove cote.  It was perfectly rustic and weathered and sat in the treetops and was home to a little family of pure white doves.
I stopped and watched them for a very long time. They were so tame and didn't flinch when I reached up to them. They flitted and frolicked around and walked in and out and around their little home. At one point 3 doves followed each other around in a circle. They made me dizzy just looking at them !
A passerby who worked there told me that they had been released at a wedding 2 years prior but ended up staying.  I can understand why they stayed because they certainly live in a beautiful location.
I don't know much about doves, but from what I observed there was definitely a leader in the group. He/she fluffed his feathers letting me know that I was in his territory. He did this in a beautiful, peaceful way with no violence or aggression what-so-ever.  He was simply letting me know that this was his family and that I could look but not touch.
My finger kept pressing the shutter button on my camera and I ended up with some great shots.
Here are a few of my favourite.

If you have been reading my blog for some time then you will know that I love feathers. They represent love and guidance from above. I feel as though I am being told that I am being looked after when feathers appear on my path.
This little feather was lying at my feet just before I stumbled upon the little dove cote.
A little sign from above.
A message of peace......
and love.......
Ruffled feathers
'I am the boss !'

I am dedicating this sign of peace to all of the new little angels in heaven from the USA who lost their lives in recent tragic events.      
May they have found peace and love in heaven.


  1. Hi Melani,
    I know your blog from Sandra she won your giveaway. Your blog is amazing.Love your pictures doves and your christmas fugures and your bed is sooo sweet.
    Nice to meet you!
    xoxo Vlaďka

  2. Love the doves. I have never seen white doves that are wild. Our doves are all brown. They never use our bird houses. I enjoyed your site so much.