Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Parcel Of Friendship

I have made so many wonderful friends since my blogging life began.........Friends in many faraway lands and friends in my own country of Australia.

The best thing about blogging is finding like minded people who believe in the same things as you and love the same interests as you.  The power of technology (as much as I dislike it sometime) is that sharing our thoughts, passions and loves has become so easy.
My passion for lace and all things textile is shared with many of my sweet bloggy friends.
My friend Doni from 
and I decided to have a lace swap between the 2 of us.
It has been so much fun gathering lots of pretty bits and pieces for her that I know that she will treasure.
The act of giving is always so much fun.
The hunt for the perfect item and carefully preparing and wrapping the gift brings much pleasure.
I hope that when Doni receives her pretty parcel she will be so excited and full of joy.
I wish I was there to see her open her tiny packages of happiness. I wished that I could be there to hear her squeals of delight as she unrolls her new lace. 

Many years ago I met this lady through my children. I only knew her for a very short time as soon after we moved away.
This lady told me tales of her childhood that made me feel so sad for her.  It happened that she had been a baby that had been left on a church doorstep in England.
Her mother never came forward so this lady was made a state ward and lived in orphanages her whole life until she became old enough to go out into the world and fend for herself.
This lady was one of the most humble and lovely people that I ever met. She had a large family and lavished her children with much love and affection.
Each year around Christmas time her children gave the most beautiful heartfelt gift to humanity.
They gave their VERY BEST toy. Their ULTIMATE FAVOURITE toy of all.
There was none of this 'lets give some of your unwanted toys to charity'.  These children would give their most treasured toy of all to other children who really needed them.  Each toy would be cleaned and packed carefully into nice packaging and it would be donated.

The reason for donating their favourite toy ?
Because the lady stated that all of the toys that were donated to her orphanage were all old toys with parts missing and dolls with missing eyes and knotty hair. She said that she swore to herself that one day she would encourage her own children to do things a little differently.

This woman's children were such beautiful children. They were all under the age of 10 and were all so interested in the lives of all who entered their home.  They all made the effort to say hello and to find out more about their visitors. They were giving and warm and humble children who took nothing for granted.
AND they absolutely adored their mother.

These children have stayed etched in my mind for many many years.  I can only imagine that they have grown into wonderful adults with equally big hearts just like their Mother's.

The love that she missed out on has come back to her in spades.

and she has taught the most beautiful lesson of giving from the heart to her children.
How blessed they are to have such a mother.

I have strayed off the track a little from what this post was supposed to be but that story came to my mind as I began to write.
I wanted to show my excitement of sending this little parcel of happiness to my friend.
I wanted to share my gift of giving with you. I wanted to tell you that I gave my most favourite piece of lace to my friend Doni. Not because she is needy (because she's not) but because I wanted to give something that meant so much to me that I treasured.  
I wanted to see what it felt like to give somebody else my favourite lace.
You know what ?
It feels good
It feels REALLY good.

Sharing is one thing that I am very good at. I have instilled this trait in my children. They are all giving and wonderful people. I hope that they will all carry this important gift to others throughout their lives.

I like to think that I am a generous person. I give my time, my heart and my soul to those who need it.
Giving time is the most precious thing but the meaning behind the act is the most important of all.
The thought behind the process is such a powerful thing.
Giving with your whole heart is a gift all in itself.

So Doni,  I truly hope that you enjoy this parcel of friendship as much as I have enjoyed giving it to you.

This sweet little parcel is on it's way !

Just a teensy peek........



You didn't actually think I'd show you more then that did you ? lol
and no enlarging the photo's either cheeky girl ! 
All good things come to those who wait.

                Love and blessings to you all


  1. I adore the package you´ve made for looks so sweet inside and out! I am sure she´ll be very very excited and happy! I think it might seem quite hard to give away something we really like...but is a great way to teach children that life gives and takes (job, friends, :-). What a great story!

    1. Thankyou Sandy, You are also one of the blessings that I have had the fortune of meeting through my blog xo

  2. Melanie,
    You've just made me cry. I read that story about that dear lady, and oh it was so touching. I always thought I was an orphan, but I wasn't...not like that. I had parents who raised me, and a nice home. But although it was hard to be adopted, it wasn't in an orphanage. I must say, the lessons she shared with you and her own children are still having a far reaching effect today. As I read that, I thought how selfish I am. Truly I am. I am willing to share, but not to GIVE. You have taught me a lesson. Giving is a sacrifice. Sharing is not.
    So, I await that lovely package with breath held and eagerness, but I'm ashamed. I think of all the people I"ve met on the internet through blogging, I will remember you until the day I die. I want to GIVE...not just share. And with that in on the lookout for something a bit extra in the future. I have your address and I'll be keeping it handy!!
    Love this post sweet friend. You've changed me and I'm grateful.
    Many hugs,

    1. Oh Doni, this post was never intended to make you cry. It was intended to tell a beautiful story and make people smile. There is absolutely no need to send anything extra at all. Your friendship is more then enough. I am so looking forward to opening your pretty package and I am sure that it is all completely gorgeous. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of sweetheart xoxoxoxo

  3. Lucky Doni! And what a beautiful story! This lady and her children are inspirational.