Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cupie Doll Cuteness

Meet Pearl !
Isn't she a little cutie Cupie ?

I bought 2 of these little new Cupie dolls before Christmas with grand plans to turn them into something special. But you know sometimes these grand plans that we all have sometimes never come to fruition.
Life gets busy etc etc....

Today I have been trying to organise my pile of lace and ribbons and I saw Pearl lying there in her plastic bag with a not very happy look on her face. After all.....I can't imagine that living inside a plastic bag for a large part of your life would be much fun at all.
She was completely naked....not a stitch (the poor thing !).
Well one thing led to another and I found myself holding pretty lace doilies up against her.
The doilies slowly turned into a dress and out came the hot glue gun to attach a little headband and shawl.

I think Pearl looks ever so pretty !
What do you think of her ?
Cute ?

Cupie dolls always catch my eye.
I think we all had Cupie dolls in all sorts of shapes and sizes when we were young.
I remember having a Cupie doll that came with a little bath and a pretend cake of soap and washer and I would adore filling up the little pink tub and washing my little dolly.

On my 1st birthday a little Cupie doll sat 'in' my cake.
Yes IN.......  I had a Dolly Varden cake !
 (you know the cakes which have a doll coming up out of the cake. The cake being the skirt of the doll ?)
My Mum kept my little dolly from the top of my cake and I still have her.
My daughter had her on top of her birthday cake too.
My dolly is pictured underneath. She's the one with the extremely skimpy clothes on ! Oops
I should really make her something to wear shouldn't I ?

Maybe something like I made for Pearl perhaps ?

I think Pearl would look so lovely on top of a birthday cake.

Pearl is modelling the latest fashion from the Cupie doll catwalk in Paris ! lol
She is wearing a Victorian lace dress and a sweet little tulle bow in her hair. She's quite the trendsetter !

and this is the moment that Pearl met a very old 60 old version of herself.  I think Pearl was a little startled !

I will introduce you to Miss Pink shortly....
                but first a couple of closeups of my pretty Cupie
                          Such a happy little face she has !


If any of you dear readers are even remotely frightened of dolls, now would be the time to look away.........


Pictured underneath is a little lovely old Cupie that I found at a flea market many years ago. I affectionately call her Miss Pink

She has had a rough life
her arm is hanging on by a thread and her little face looks like it's straight out of a horror movie.......

Lets say that she has been well loved !

Her clothes have been all hand made in pretty peachy pink lace and  a pretty little bonnet has been hand stitched on to her head.
I am only guessing but I think this little lady would be from the 1950's. She has a 'made in Hong Kong' stamp on her back. 
If anybody can tell me more please do as I don't know a whole lot about the history of Cupie dolls

I had to giggle when I lifted up her dress to search for her stamp and found that somebody had painted a little pair of knickers on her to keep her decent ! lol

The poor little Miss Pink makes my Pearl look like a movie star ! 

Such a contrast between the 3 girls !
If I could choose my favourite then it would be my own Dolly Varden from my birthday cake.
Her little face is a happy one :-)

Pearl has come to love standing in a little tea cup !
It's rude to dip your toes into a tea cup but I think I will forgive her because she looks so pretty !  lol

Please be sure to share your own Cupie Doll stories from your youth with me. I know that some of you dear readers must have had one during your childhood.


  1. I played with troll dolls. I loved their crazy hair! We sewed clothes for them and pierced their ears.

  2. This was such a funny post...I actually burst out laughing when I saw Miss Pink :-D I could imagine I´d be quite scared of her if I was a little girl! :-D It is so cute you kept her, gave her home and that you treat her with love ;-) Her yellow knickers are hilarious!

    Pearl has got the most adorable headband, you did a great job with her!!! And your Birthday doll is very cute too!

    I used to be very fond of dolls of any kind but most of all Barbies...I think I had about 12 of them and they should be hidden in my toy box at my mom´s place...I hope I have a little girl one day so I could pass my top toys to her! :-) I kept my Barbies in a great condition and had lots of accessories for them as well :-) That was probably my most favorite past time of all- coming home from school with a friend and play with my Barbie dolls...the funny thing is I only had one Ken...1 Ken for 12 Barbies! Too unfair ;-D