Friday, 18 January 2013

A Pretty Little Lady

It is a seriously hot day here in my Peachy Pink world. It's 45 degrees outside and the world outside my window is melting into the earth.  
Our air conditioning is beginning to struggle and the birds in the trees are as quiet as church mice.  
Australia can throw some hot weather that's for sure and today is a perfect example of a 'stinking hot day'.

I had planned on a pretty lace inspired photo shoot out in the garden but in all honesty I don't think my camera would work in this heat.
So today as I escape the heat I thought that I would share one of my newest treasures.
I actually bought her with my Mother in mind but the more I looked at her the more attached I became, she is so lovely.
The artist is unknown but whoever she was she had an eye for detail and the most amazing embroidery skills.

This little portrait has been painted with water colour and then embroidered.  The stitches are so dainty and the artist has used silk thread in her masterpiece. 
Her big hat has been covered in  tiny hand stitched roses and what look like Stocks and Hyacinths.
Her ruffled dress  has been embroidered with what I think is Bullion stitch. Every single stitch is perfect in size. Such beautiful craftsmanship.

This little piece may well have a signature at the bottom but I can't see it for the frame. The frame is original so I really don't want to pull it apart. In the tiniest scribe you have ever seen at the bottom of the piece, 'Elisabeth De France' is written.

After a little research I have found out that this pretty lady is actually Princess Elisabeth de France,beloved baby sister of Louis XVI and adored sister in law of Marie Antoinette.  She actually refused marriage so that she may live with King Louis and Marie Antoinette. She was quite gifted in embroidery, maths and science and had a charmed and well educated life considering that she was orphaned at the age of 3.

I was astounded about this beautiful lady the more I read about her. It has made my new treasure even more special then it was before.
One day I'm sure the unknown artist mystery will get to the better of me and I will open the frame, but for now I will let mystery surround this beauty and I will admire her on my wall.
I just love this piece so much.
It was tricky to take pics of her because the light kept bouncing off the glass at every angle, but hopefully you can read into her beauty with these couple of photo's.

I am off to pour myself a nice cold glass of iced tea to cool down. Hopefully the cool change expected will come very soon to bring us all some relief.
I will see you all again next week.
Have a fun filled weekend !


  1. Hello Melanie! ♥♥♥
    It is incredible- 46°C!!!! And can you imagine we have -6 °C here in my country now? Snowy, icy, cold and grey weather, duh! I have a very unpleasant duty today at work, but your new post cheered me up! I adore this little masterpiece of yours- every single detail od it! I hope your day will be bright and fun despite the temperatures! xox

    1. Sandi I think I'd take cold temps over hot ones any day of the week. This is ridiculously hot, although it has just started to rain and southerly winds have begun to blow. Hope your day at work isn't quite as bad as you are expecting it to be. Big smiles :-)

  2. Morning my friend (I have to go check to see what your temp is in English :) LOL!!!! We are hearing of such heat waves over there -- they had to make a new color for the weather map...that is true! Your post as always is so pretty and cheery...just like you! I hope you got my messages about the beautiful and incredibly loving package I received? Life has been so crazy here I don't even know what day it is! I hope you and yours are keeping cool!!!!!! I am sending hugs and love to all and we will talk soon : ) love you!

  3. Negative temps here and much snow, how different! Glad to see you were able to find out who the lovely lady in Luke is. She is so beautifully done!

  4. Now Melanie, I have a wall in my new craft space that would do dear Elizabeth justice!! What a beautiful piece! The stitching is lovely and overall it is truly stunning. What a talented lady to make such a sweet thing! I'm sitting in front of our fireplace wearing a sweater and fuzzy warm socks! I will send you a cup of cold air next week and you can pour it out and feel refreshed!!!

  5. Hello Melanie, I am sorry to hear about the hot temps in your area. That is super hot! No wonder you can't go out doors! Hopefully you will get a reprieve soon. We are having unusually cold weather here, even snow yesterday, which is a once or twice oddity in winter in my area.
    Your portrait is lovely! What a great find! The stitching is really pretty!
    As always, I have enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog!