Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Box Full Of Lacey Love


Have I mentioned before how much I love lace ?
'Yes just a few thousand times maybe ?'

Well I have recently just bought another big box full !

Luscious long lengths of divine French lace.
Doilies, pillow shams, handkerchiefs and collars.

Me heaven !

I am very quickly running out of display room for my endless collection of lace.  I prefer to keep my antique lace out of direct sunlight and away from dust. Behind glass or in a sealed box away from pesky silverfish and moths is a must to keep precious antique textiles in immaculate condition.
Occasionally I bring a few pieces out to enjoy and when I'm finished with them I carefully hand wash them and then pack them pack away again.

Today I was gathering a little parcel of lace and treasures to send to my sweet friend Doni from FAITH, GRACE AND CRAFTS
and in the middle of it all I found myself hanging some of my lace on my little 'clothesline' that I hang antique greeting cards and other treasures on in my hallway. 
 I LOVE the new little display.

Doni and I have decided to have a lace swap with each other as we both have the same passion for lace.
I have gathered lots of surprises for her and decided to share some of my new treasures with her.
Of course I won't be sharing Doni's new treasures with you all  because it is to be a surprise swap. However I will show you the wrapped up package before I send it. (Sorry to tease you Doni !)
I have one tiny surprise to share with you now Doni.....
Sroll down and see.


On my travels to the antique store yesterday I found this little piece of sweetness.
It's a French, antique piece of cross stitched linen.

I smiled when I saw the M and D
Melanie and Doni

I just had to buy it for our swap.

A view of my little hallway of lace !
I have layered pieces of lace on a little white iron table that I placed just underneath my display.
Our hallway space is only narrow so I have kept my display as compact as possible with lots of different textures and shades of creamy whites.
and although you can't see it in the photo (we have really high ceilings in our home), this pretty chandelier hangs above my display. Twinkling little fairy lights ! 

                                                                        My table looked a little bare until this pretty little cast iron pair came along. The heavy bold iron gave a little bit of substance in amongst all of the fru fru !

and not to miss out on all of the fuss and photo's........
Queen Adelaide sauntered in to see what I was doing.
Meow !
My precious girl is one of the loves of my life and she is a bit of a Mummy's girl too !

                                    Have a beautiful day !


  1. Love all the Lace, I buy it when I find it also.

  2. What a great idea to make a swap package full of adorable lace!!! :-) I´m looking forward to see what new treasures you´ll get from Doni...:-) All the pieces shown above are incredibly beautiful! xox

    1. Thanks Sandy, I am so excited as it's my first swap. I have gathered some very pretty things for Doni. I hope she likes them x

  3. Luscious lace! Fabulous display. I am in awe of those ladies who have the patience and nimblest of finger to make such beautiful work.

  4. Oh, I am right with you! I love lace. The queen is adorable!


  5. ALL DAY LONG, while in the Dr's office (which went great), I have been thinking and thinking.....what on earth will I do with Melanie's box when I get home??? And looky looky, you've gone and made me drool all over the place!!!! THAT M D piece is PERFECT!! Oh you should have kept it...but NONONONOOOOOO!!! Send it HERE!!! It's so sweet, and you KNOW I will have to think of you each and every time I see it. Already I'm dreaming of a piece that will include that beauty!!!
    I'm drooling over your box of lace...those pieces are gorgeous. And tantalizing me like that with a shot of the box!! I've closed mine to you already and now want to open it up.....hmmmm, I might just do that and make you suffer! No I won't...I had a hard time finding that tape!!!
    OK...you little silly girl you. Are you ready to swap??? Tomorrow I'm heading to the Post Office and OFF this box of goodies will fly to you. I certainly hope they arrive in good time and great shape. Hope you love it!!! I know I will have to get out a kleenex to keep the drool from my new pretties from you when that box arrives! Gee, I sound like an old dog...drooling all over the place. Well, whatever the excitement, You'll be sure to hear me scream when it gets here!!
    LOVE your post today. I'm so honored to be doing a swap with you! It's the coolest thing in the world to make new friends from other countries!
    Blessings dear and have a great day.

  6. Such gorgeous lces! You and Doni both received a treat!
    they are so beautiful!
    Hearts to you,