Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Home For Peg Dolly

My peg obsession continues......

My dear friend Miss M gave me a little gift the other day.
It was a cutey pie rusty pink tin that she had found in her travels.
She said that the peachy pink colour caught her eye and she thought of me straight away !
and of course I love it !

There is something to be said for one mans trash is another mans treasure.  Some of you out there may be wondering what I could love about this rusty old metal tin box.

My answer.......it is pink, old, useful and perfectly rusty.

and I knew when I saw it that it would be home to my expanding collection of antique and vintage pegs.
It was also the moment that I remembered my little old peg dolly that I had been looking for.
I bought her years ago from a yard sale and she was full of history and meaning (I will share that story with you all tomorrow)

Isn't she cute !

                                      So this rusty old pink tin has become
   HOME FOR PEG DOLLY and all of her very boring peg friends with no faces.  She won't get conversation with her peggy friends........well that's unless the pegs come to life at night when all of the house goes to sleep.
Maybe the pegs will all have a party in the kitchen and sneak strawberry icecream from the freezer in the dark of night. Those naughty little pegs !

I often ask myself why I feel the need to collect more pegs ?

There's just 'something about them !' lol
I think it's because I loved making peg dollies as a child and it brings back happy memories.  Truly though some of the pegs that I have collected over the years are over 100 years old. Some have been hand carved out of beautiful cedar and pine.  There is craftsmanship in each one that has me wondering who's husband used to sit and whittle away on laundry pegs. It must have taken forever to sit and make enough pegs to hang one  load of  laundry on the clothesline.

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  1. Love the color of your tin...and that nurse peg is really funny :-) I never had luck finding antique pegs, the only one I have is the one from you...my sweet peg angel :-) Have a lovely day ♥♥♥