Monday, 4 February 2013

My Little Marie Antoinette Corner Of The World

A new little 'Melanie' corner appeared in our home today.......

It's a little place just for me.
A little place of solitude full of all things that I love. 
It has my beloved French Blue and Peachy Pink colour scheme stamped all over it.
It is a place where I can write or read or simply dream.

Would you like to see it ?

Isn't it pretty !

Remember my Marie inspired cupboard from last week ?
If you don't, then you will find it HERE OR SIMPLY SCROLL DOWN TO THE LAST POST.

Well of course it fits in just perfectly in my pretty place.

and as I complete this blog post I am beginning to hear my new space and a cup of tea calling.

                So I will see you all tomorrow
                                            Have a wonderful day !


  1. Your pretty cozy spot is SO YOU! I love it!
    Lacy and lovely!

  2. My darling Melanie, I completely adore your new relaxing corner and I almost jumped off my chair when I saw the first is so incredible beautiful!!! It is so YOU! :-) Marie cupboard fits there perfectly and I especially like the peachy pink tin box, cup of tea and open book...and that glass jar with gloves and laces...and that chair with white blanket...and that antique frame with old post cards...well...I obviously love EVERYTHING...!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  3. Oh how I LOVE your little corner. Now, just let it gradually spread a little to the left, and a little to the right, and get deeper into the room . . . and nobody will notice it because it will be so gradual. Then your whole room can be YOU. I love it. So peaceful and pretty and feminine. Thanks for visiting and leaving the funny comment. I hope he has eaten the whole box by now. It made me laugh, and reminded me that I have friends out there pulling for me. I might try to treadmill right now, just to get it over with!

  4. A perfectly gorgeous little corner just for you! It will inspire you in all things creative, enjoy your beautiful space!