Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fair Weather Friends

Fair weather friends.....

I think you will agree that we all have them.
Often I wonder about friendships and what they actually mean.
Some come and stay for a while and then move on before you had even noticed that they have begun to walk away.

People can be very strange creatures and it can be very obvious right from the start of our lives. People who once meant the world and who you shared many fond moments with can very quickly be but a vague recollection of the past.

I think the trickiest part of friendships is letting them go when the time is right. Some of us can let go easily and move forward and yet sometimes it is easier said then done.
Some friends that you think that you will have forever can move on to a different world in a single instant. They can turn into completely different entities. They get wound up in their own lives and cease to remember the friends around them who once held their hand.
It is thought provoking to say the very least.  

Other friends are loyal to the very end. They stick by you in times of grief and upset and do whatever they can to help you. They are not afraid to pick up the telephone to enquire how you are and always manage to make you giggle.
I am truly fortunate to have such people in my life.
These are true friends that have your back when you are falling down. I am forever grateful to these dear soul friends of mine who do just that.  

When I was growing up, my Father used to tell me constantly that if I reached the end of my life and could count the true friends on one hand then I would truly be a lucky girl.  

When I was a child, silly schoolgirl quarrels would always upset my heart. I constantly found myself in the roll of peace keeper all through my school years.
Maybe I was too wise beyond my years.
Do any of you feel as though you are indeed older in your mind then you should be ?
Do any of you feel more in tune with having friends who are a lot older than you because you have more in common with them ?
I do.

Friends come and they go. Some are put here on this earth to teach us lessons about ourselves. Some are put here to test us and show us the person that we never want to be.  Others just blow in gently in the wind and leave just as gently as they arrived.  Some even aren't your friend at all and you wished that you had known this before they came into your life.

The real friends in my life who resonate my soul and wake me up to the joys and wonders of the world, have arrived in such amazing ways.  Some I have had for many, many years whilst others only quite recently crossed my path.

One thing is for certain though, 
friends are the family that we choose for ourselves.
They are the ones that come to feel like brothers and sisters and whom life will never be the same without. If we have these friends then we are indeed very rich.

To all of the friends and strangers that I have met along my path, I thank each and everyone of you for showing me the person that I needed to be and for showing me that I need to be true to myself.  
I forgive all of those who have moved on who weren't faithful or pleasant.  If they hadn't come and gone then I would have never learnt these lessons that I needed to learn.

For one to bare their soul it takes great courage and conviction. Courage comes after hardship and trial, it can be a very valuable tool in our life.  It may not be easy moving through these times but I know that if I need a hand to hold along the way then I have a close friend each side of me that is not afraid to hold me up.

Today as I write this I would like to thank my forever friends. 
I love you very much and know that you love me for who I am and for no other reason. 
It does not matter whether we are anonymous or famous, to have a true friend is one of life's greatest gifts. Every single person on this earth needs to feel friendship, love and support.  When the wind is blowing the wrong way, sometimes we need a friend to help turn the sail around and point it into a new direction.

                            This is for you my sweet friends
            You know who you are and I am very grateful for you !
              May your lives be as rich and wonderful as you are.

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  1. What a lovely post! It is true, friends come and friends go. However, the ones that stay are meant to stay forever. I actually have two forever friends. I also have other friends, but who knows for how long? I believe even if a person is in your life for even a few hours, there was a reason and a lesson for that. Great thoughts, Melanie.