Thursday, 28 February 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS Orchids and Roses

This week in Floristry class we continued with our bridal work.
We are learning traditional bridal bouquets in the first half on the year.  It is so lovely but also quite laborious.
Every single flower is painstakingly wired and taped and assembled into our design.
We are only beginners so we are all quite slow at this stage but as we get on into the year we will all speed up a lot.
There is soooo much work in this bouquet that I am showing you all today. It actually took almost the whole day to make. 

I chose pink roses and purple Singapore Orchids for my design.  
Both flowers are easy to work with and very forgiving for learners.

It is such a shame that my bouquet is now living inside of my fridge and will never get to walk down the aisle to the tune of 
'Here Comes The Bride'.
It is such a waste but we must learn somehow.
I take lots of pics to learn by and to remember. We must all have humble beginnings and this is mine. I can imagine that I will pick it to pieces with criticism in years to come, but for now I am proud of my work and would happily hand it over to a bride to be to use.

This was my finished product before it made the car trip home and got squashed and cooked from the sun......oops !

The colours are so pretty aren't they !

(Below) Here is my work in progress in class.
First we constructed the 2 end pieces and then made the body.

and this is how this bouquet is designed to be carried. 
It is perfect for all of those brides who do not wish to hide their dresses with big balls of flowers. If they were to have rouching or embellishments on the waist line then this bouquet would not conceal this. It also gives the bride a longer, slimmer line.

                   and here is a side view to show the shape

I must admit that when I chose the only bunch of Singapore Orchids that were left, I cringed at my colour combination but now I love it.
The pinks and purples really compliment each other.
I would have normally gone for a softer look but I actually surprised myself and love this.
It has a very vintage feel to it !

                               Wishing you all a happy day !


  1. I looooove the colours! The purple orchids are amazing! Beautiful work Mel.

  2. Love the orchids and roses together, very pretty.

  3. This was sooo fun! I think the colors are perfect and I love the design! The flowers aren't at all a waste as you get to share them with all of us, I would love to take a floral class!!


  4. That is just beautiful! What is the most popular month for weddings in Australia?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The most popular time for weddings in Australia is September. Our stunning Spring weather is perfect for weddings !

  5. I am so impressed!!! That gorgeous combination is just beautiful together! So rich and full of life! I know you must be proud! I'm proud knowing you!! HA!! If you only lived close by...wahhhhh....I'd get to play with your lace AND your flowers!!!
    Well, I'm going to copy some of your pics to my computer so I can see your pretties!
    Hugs sweet friend,

  6. Getting better and better and your flowers just take my breath away :-)