Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gorgeous Greenhouse

There is something that I really enjoy and that is to go around to my parents home and decorate a new little corner for my Mum to enjoy.
I have a friend who who let me redecorate her antique kitchen dresser whenever I fancied too ! 
Any excuse to give a lifeless area a face lift.

My Mum bought this beautiful little greenhouse over Christmas so it became my latest decorating project.

My Mum loves pinks, reds and greens and has kept that theme running through her whole house.
In her kitchen area where this greenhouse now lives she has traditional black and white chequerboard tiles on the floor and most of the furniture in the room is antique kaouri pine or white painted finishes.  Mum loves to move her furniture around and had the bottom half of an old wardrobe against the wall waiting for a new use as she had just moved it out of the bedroom for a change.
The top of the wardrobe part is upholstered so can be used as a bench seat.
I decided to turn this bench around and make it into a table top and make it into a display area.

Apart from a slight lean to one side because of the uneven top, I think the greenhouse looks very pretty.
There is no real need for a greenhouse in the Summer time over here but come Winter I have plans for African Violets to move in !

Inside the greenhouse I used

-a pair of old books that I gave her for Christmas in her favourite colours and tied with a simple white strip of fabric.
-an old antique greeting card 
-a pretty cup, saucer and teapot 
-a beautiful white voile doily

 I also made use of the top of the greenhouse draping pretty pink crystal jewels left over from Christmas and also another antique postcard which I stuck to the glass with blu tac.

Fond Love !

I love objects such as this greenhouse because it could be used anywhere in the house and for a multitude of purposes.
I think it would look really nice in a bathroom too with nice white, soft fluffy hand towels and soap in it.
Always think outside the square when it comes to decorating your home because almost anything goes !  


  1. So gorgeously pretty! And love what you have done with the magazine rack! If ever you are in London, come and decorate for me..........! :)

  2. What a lovely still life. It's a wonderful gift for your mom to look over and see and enjoy and think of you