Monday, 18 February 2013

Sipping Tea With My Mum

Sipping tea with my beautiful Mum stepped up a notch this morning when I suggested that a tea party was in order !

Generally we will sit around the kitchen table and chat over a mug of hot tea but this morning was such a beautiful sunny day so it seemed a shame to sit inside and not enjoy it.

My parents have a beautiful garden.
They had it designed for them many years ago and over time it has matured into a picture perfect garden full of hedges, Camellias, Lavender plants and lots of other formal and cottage style plants.  

It was perfect setting for our tea party !
I knew that there were some home made slices in the house so I began to set the table and prepare the tea.

When it came time to pop the slice on to the plate I found that the slice had already found it's way into somebody else's stomach the day before ! 

boo hoo !

The alternative ?

You really don't want to hear that the delicious home baked cookies on our tea party table were actually store bought and stale ! lol

We both took a bite and giggled   
Oops !

Oh well, the tea was still yummy (Laduree of course) and the view of the garden was as pretty as a picture.

I set my theme as pink, green and floral as they all of my Mum's favourite colours and prints.
I used pretty teacups, a lace tablecloth and I threw a pretty floral throw over the back of a chair to complete the floral look.

                          A birds eye view of our pretty table.
Would anyone like a cup ?

and then the 'Butler' arrived to clear our table ! lol
Actually the Butler was hoping for something to eat and a nosey around to see what was going on
Yes his name is actually Butler !

We sat and relaxed for an hour watching the garden grow before us. 

The Camellia trees bloom huge white blooms when they are in season. They are absolutely beautiful !

A spot of tea and a Jeanne De' Arc magazine........perfect !

but how I wish there was a nice piece of chocolate slice to eat too !
Maybe next time I will come more prepared.
Cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches would be perfect.

But I guess our diets will be safe this week ! lol

It was a lovely way to spend the morning and more importantly it was so nice to have some girly time with my Mum.

Love you Mum 


  1. A perfect way to enjoy fine tea, in pretty china in the gentle sunshine with your Mother! I shall see mine on our Mothering Sunday on March 10 th. It falls mid-Lent so we can indulge in chocolate and cake and all the things we have given up!!!!

  2. How lovely! Too bad about the lack of slices! It was wonderful anyway, right?
    I love to think about you having summer. Everything is so pretty!

  3. What a lovely garden tea time!

    You should go to Rose Chintz Cottage and share this for Sandi's linky party Tea Time Tuesday!

  4. Lovely Tea time in your Garden..I love the pink and green... Happy Monday with love Janice

  5. Melanie,
    Such a beautiful tea party! I love it all, the table and chiars, the throwws on the chairs, the tea cups and saucers, I adore that tea pot! your cookies look scrumptious, (even if sotre bought...shhhh!)
    I look forward to the days of summer here to do that for breakfast and lemonade afternoons!