Thursday, 7 February 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS...... Pretty Frangipani Bridal Bouquet

Frangipanis always remind me of my Grandmother.
I can't remember whether she had a tree in her garden or if I used to pick them along our walks together.

I am lucky enough to live in an area where Frangipanis are abundant. There are so many colours available.....I think 120 varieties to choose from !

I was so excited because I was having flower withdrawals.
It's amazing in just a year I have become so used to having beautiful big flower arrangements throughout our home.

This year is the final year to qualify as a florist but next year I plan on a 3rd year to study design work which really interests me. I think I would be sad if I thought that this year was my last year of learning in this wonderful field of work.
This year we focus on BRIDAL AND FUNERAL WORK.

The first design of the year was a trailing bridal bouquet.
We were asked to bring in 120 Frangipani flowers to make our bouquets with.
Guess who was climbing trees the day before and covered in sticky Frangipani sap ! lol

I decided to go with a traditional white Frangipani.

It was such a long laborious task individually wiring each flower and foliage and now I know why bridal bouquets cost so much. It took me hours to create my bouquet but with lots of practise it will obviously get quicker.  Rome wasn't built in a day !

I teamed my Frangi's with some Australian native 'Wooly Bush', Nandina berries, Ivy leaves and Macadamia green nut pods.  
I found the Macadamias looked amazing but were so heavy that they were quite hard to manipulate. I think I'll try them again some time but with a stronger flower.

Scroll down for my pics !

(Below) Can you believe that this big container of Frangipanis
Turned into this !!
It might have taken me hours but I was very proud of my achievement
I persuaded my beautiful daughter to put on a white dress and model my creation !  One day I will proudly make my girl her very own bouquet for her wedding day, but it won't be for a while yet.
                              The fragrance is intoxicating 

                                     Sweet and beautiful 

I had plans for more photo's of my daughter but we seemed to be attracting the bees and she ran off inside !

Runaway bride ???   lol


  1. Oh wow Melanie...that bouquet is gorgeous!!! I wish I could scratch and sniff this ipad screen!!! Lovely job there. I wish your daughter would let you photograph her face!! I bet she's lovely too!
    Still pitterpattering over my new bag of lovelies from you!! Hope you got my email...I was having some problem sending it after I got it all typed in. Let me know!Doni

  2. So gorgeous! They don't look real, but rather wax or sugar! I bet they smell divine as well! I really like your daughter's dress too.

  3. Mel...this bouquet is AMAZING!!!! Simply Stunning and gorgeous! You are such an artist and your love of EVERYTHING shines through everything you do! These flowers DO look like sugar perfect in every way! WOW!!!!! I am so blessed to have you as a dear friend...sending tons and tons of hugs your way!