Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Hand Of Friendship.....My Lace Swap

I have this friend of mine.......

She is a new friend.
A bloggy friend who shares the same passion as me for lace, vintage, antique and all things sewing and pretty.
I actually do not remember where I met her but I do know that when I visited her blog for the first time I was captivated by her beautiful photographs, her warm 'voice' and her love for her her collections.

I couldn't hit the 'FOLLOW' button quick enough. 
From that day I have been visiting her beautiful blog to see her 'eye candy for the soul'.
After commenting on each others blog for a time we both decided to have a lace swap together.  I am happy to say that this was my first swap in blogland and I am so happy to have had my first one with somebody who I now call a friend.

My friend is Doni from FAITH, GRACE, CRAFTS

Definition of friendship


[mass noun]
  • the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends:old ties of love and friendship          Oxford Dictionary

Doni, I am ever so happy to call you a friend and will continue to enjoy our little banter that we have going on between the miles,
chatting about new vintage finds and our love for lace.  
You and I would cause an earthquake if we were to go lace shopping together ! lol
Thankyou so much for spoiling me rotten with soooo many beautiful things in our swap.
The pile kept getting bigger and bigger.

The postman even laughed as I ran like a crazy woman from across the street when I saw the box under his arm !
I have never checked the letter box so many times a day ever !

So who would like to see what I received 
                          in our swap ?  
Lace, lace and more lace !

                            and these little cutie pie bottles !

       I have plans for these little bottles when pansy season begins.
I can just see them on my kitchen window sill full of pretty blooms !
                  Everything was wrapped up in pink and blue.

There were doilies that I opened that were full of pretty buttons and another that was full of lacy splendour.

and then I lifted this pretty out of the big cardboard box of friendship.
I could hardly wait to see what was inside !

'Pretty maids all in a row'

and then it got even better when I unwrapped this soft, squishy bundle of joy.
A sweet heart made with my friend's own hands.
Trimmed with vintage lace and crowned with a stunning diamante button.
A gift from the heart speaks volumes.
No store bought gift can ever compare.
I will treasure it always Doni !

and then as I picked up my paper frenzy mess off the floor these little tags fell in my lap.
Perfect for my scrap booking or my floristry portfolio (I have just realised that I haven't shared that with you yet !)
I love a pretty bow 
especially a pretty silk one.
Of course it was in just the perfect shade of peachy pink !

and then last out of the box came this floral box FULL of wonder

wait for it........

When I lifted the lid I was squealing in delight and didn't know what to look at first. I never expected in a million years so receive so many glorious gifts.  I was so touched by Doni's generosity and I have smiled every day since receiving it.

I haven't mentioned the vintage gloves have I ?
Well they were still in their original plastic bag and had never been worn and were a beautiful sunny yellow colour.

                            BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE !
Little yellow envelopes appeared with bits and bobs in them.
Buttons, lace and a little vintage book on calf raising.  A sweet piece of the country from where Doni lives. I loved that !

                        So who would like to see my new buttons ?

                  and I can't forget these pretty little flowers !

                        My parcel of friendship in it's entirety

Doni and I are both running a story on our lace swap this week.
Join her for her weekly blog post featuring her lovely collections followed by a linky party for all to join !  
You will find Doni's blog FAITH, GRACE, CRAFTS full of beauty and inspiration.  Join her for Pearls and Lace Thursday this week and see for yourself.

Doni is not only a fellow creative soul and kindred spirit but also a really lovely lady.

                             Thanks again my friend xo


  1. Oh you sweetie! Your photos of our swap make everything look so pretty!! I certainly hope I have done justice to your beautiful box of lovelies that I received!!! I'm still drooling over my goodies! I am still working on the post, but will post it hopefully tomorrow evening.
    Much love and lots of hugs,

  2. Oh My Goodness! If I received that in the mail I think I would faint and jump for joy all at the same time. I've been following both your blogs for a while now and love to visit you both.Your photos are also pretty and so well done :) Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

  3. Wow! What a feast for the eyes! I love it that you found such a kindred spirit! I'll pop over to Doni's blog for sure!

  4. Melanie,
    I could just feel you hyperventilating as you opened your gift! I LOVE those kinds of gifts....I have received some very beautiful gifts from friends that do that to me as well, I am SOOO happy for the both of you! Isn't it such fun wo have friends...and I just have to tell you, I AM ALSO A PEACH fan!! I like peach better than pink, I do like pink with other colors added, and I am also a floral designer! and I adore Doni and her blog!
    Bloggy friends are wonderful....and we all love to share the love!
    Hearts to you,

  5. How pretty! I read Doni's post about your special gift a couple days ago. Looks like you both really blessed one another!

    I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you've not already.

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller