Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Little Corner Of My World

I am in the mood for change....

That means furniture moving in every which way and things that once lived happily in the living room could end up in the kitchen.....or even garden !

I get 'itchy feet' and I have to create change around the house. Most people get in in the Spring time but for me, it can strike when you least expect it.  I think I inherited the 'change gene' from my Grandmother who was well known for moving whole rooms to another part of the house.  When my Father was young he returned home after a night on the town and didn't turn the lights on in case he woke the household up.  He walked into his bedroom and flopped down on to his bed..........only problem was that his bed no longer lived in that room !

While he was out partying my Grandmother had decided to redecorate and his bedroom was now located down the hall ! lol

I have not been known to go to that extreme, BUT I have the worst timing when  I do decide to make changes.  It is generally in the night time or just before it is time to begin dinner preparations.

Last night was one of those times.

My little blue table in the lounge room found itself moving up the hallway into the dining room.
It is now a new place to display more of my collectibles.

The pale blue coat of paint on my table tones down the timber on some of our furniture.  I am not a fan of stained furniture but one of the bigger pieces belonged to my late Grandmother and I can't bring myself to paint it.  My new little table has taken eyes away from the stained furniture and over to the table top and the display.

It wasn't belong before the hammer and hooks came out and I was hanging some frames above my table.....

Change is infectious
but good for the soul

I teamed my small collection of flower frogs with a big jug of freshly picked roses from my garden.
Pretty !

Who said that picture frames can't be hung without a picture in them !   I blu tac'd the old sheet music to the wall behind the frame and I left the other empty because I wanted the frame to be the feature. The writing on the sheet music  picks up the gold on the frame next to it perfectly.
I may hang a pair of gloves behind the frame........?

Small changes in ones home, no matter how small can be a lovely change.  Change is refreshing and the best thing is the creative energy behind it. It is so much fun moving things around !


  1. Change is good every now and then, love yours.

  2. Hello dear Melanie!
    I agree! I moved things around in my classroom and now I am much cozier! Your changes are lovely!

  3. Love the story about your Daddy! Framing the song cover is such a good idea, may steal it......... :)

  4. Hey Melanie! You've been busy!! I love that pink box...it really stands out and makes the corner table so cute! The music in the frame, but NOT in the frame!! Genius!! OK...maybe gloves, or a small postcard of a cottage?(to go with the theme of the music?)...so cute! Beautiful frames!!
    OK...the FROG collection and not a hint of green! HAHA! LOVE those pieces!
    Great job, and I hope your husband is familiar with the story about your poor grandpa...maybe he won't fall on the floor or on a sharp table corner!!!